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Therapy rabbit ‘Alex the Great’ is good luck charm for Warriors and Giants

Therapy rabbit Alex the Great has come to be seen as something of a good omen for SF sports teams. | Photo courtesy Kei Kato

At 32 pounds and 3.5 feet long, Alex the Great may be one of the largest rabbits around the Bay Area. But he’s also probably one of the gentlest of giants. 

After going viral at a San Francisco Giants game mid-pandemic, the 2-year-old Flemish Giant has become a bit of a minor celebrity on social media and a popular presence at local community events over the last two years. His calm demeanor and silky soft coat attracts kids of all ages and his presence at local basketball and baseball games has been seen as a good omen. Some Giants fans have even suggested a nickname: “Rally Rabbit.”   

“He's loved so much by people,” caretaker Kei Kato said.He makes people happy, and they just enjoy his company.”

But Alex is far from a mere glamourpuss or Instagram influencer.

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