About Us

The San Francisco Standard is a news organization serving everyone with a stake in the future of San Francisco. We aim to build the city’s most trusted, authoritative and contemporary source of news and information, meeting you where you are to help you “Know Your City.” 

We are an independent, for-profit company, with initial funding provided by Michael Moritz, a partner at Sequoia Capital. We believe great local journalism is crucial to helping cities work better. Our newsroom operates with full autonomy and our Editor in Chief retains authority over all editorial decision-making. We’re committed to the highest ethical standards, as described in the Ethics and Standards Policy that you can read below.

We believe in open, direct communications, both in our journalism and in our relationships with our readers and viewers. We welcome feedback of all types. We will surely make mistakes, and we promise to address errors promptly. We’re a small but fast-growing team–mostly reporters, editors and videographers– working out of an office in the Mission District. Please subscribe to our daily newsletter, and you can also find us here and on Instagram, Twitter, YouTube and other platforms.

Ethics and Standards Policy            

The San Francisco Standard is committed to fair, accurate, timely and in-depth coverage of the City, through written stories, photos, video, audio and other forms of media, distributed across many channels. 

Reporting Practices

We will always be as transparent as possible about the sources of our information. All stories are vetted with care, and with special attention to fairness. We will always seek comment from the subjects of our journalism and offer fair right of reply.

We attempt to limit the use of confidential sources, but they are nonetheless often necessary for telling important stories. If a story is based on a confidential source we require additional corroboration, and all such stories are subject to extra review.

We always credit other publications when we are building on their reporting or citing information they uncovered. 

We do not use pseudonyms, and we do not mislead readers about the identities of people who appear in our stories. By the same token, we do not mislead people about our own identity or endeavors. We do not engage in undercover investigations.


We will be prompt and direct in correcting errors of fact and responding to complaints. Correction requests can be sent to corrections@sfstandard.com.

Typos and other minor errors will be corrected as quickly as possible, normally without any correction notice. For more substantive errors, the story will be corrected and a notice placed prominently on the page. We will often update stories to add information; if an update includes a significant correction, it will include a notice. We may at times append “clarifications,” or an editor’s note, explaining the context in unusual situations.

Conflicts of Interest

Our journalists are subject to rigorous conflict-of-interest rules. We do not accept gifts. We pay for our own meals, with some exceptions in the case of group settings. We do not accept free trips. We do not seek preferential treatment from any government agency, business or individual based on our status as journalists. We do not accept free tickets to events, except for press passes for events we are covering. We do not accept payment, honoraria or other kinds of compensation for speeches or public appearances.

We avoid owning stock in companies that may be subjects of our coverage. In cases where conflicts that could affect our journalism do arise, we will disclose them.

As part of our commitment to journalistic independence, we do not take leadership roles in political causes or other forms of social activism. We do not run for office, or take an active role in any political campaigns.

Last updated November 12, 2021