Electronic-Heavy Portola Music Festival Launches in San Francisco in September

The inaugural event will be held at Pier 80 on Sept. 24 & 25, the same weekend as the Folsom Street Fair.

Hitting a High Note: Core Values and Love of Music Inspire this Talented SF Family Band

Overcoming homelessness, The Curtis Family C-Notes—a Bayview District family band of five kids, plus mom and dad—is reaching national stardom with their 70’s-inspired funk jams.

‘Music For My Memories’ Taps the Magic of San Francisco’s Past, Present and Future

San Francisco has always been central to Luttrell’s creative process. The electronic dance music producer recorded his latest trio of EPs while living in and around NoPa.


High Hopes in Lo-Fi: SF’s Nascent ‘Fog Pop’ Scene Finds Home at Paisley Shirt Records

The tastemaking label has paired its potent roster of tape-loving indie rockers with a Mission District gallery to create a chilly, decidedly San Francisco scene.

Metallica Fell in Love with San Francisco. Then they Made Thrash Metal a New Kind of Art.

In 1982, Metallica moved their fledgling band from L.A. to the Bay Area. They would go on to change the face of popular music.

Farsight Delivers a New Off-Kilter Vision on Latest Two-Song EP

With ‘Swallowed Whole’ and ‘Flash Flood,’ the San Francisco producer continues to zig while others zag.

Fast Times Andrew St. James San Francisco

Nostalgia Remastered: Andrew St. James Returns with ‘Light After Darkness’ LP

The prolific San Francisco musician conjures irresistible earworms from snippets of half-forgotten riffs and echoes of nostalgic harmony.