Criminal Justice

Interactive: Inside DA Chesa Boudin’s Office

All 350+ people who work at DA Chesa Boudin’s office, visualized in one interactive graphic.

‘They Were Outnumbered’: Urban Alchemy Workers Seek Help from Police

The confrontations this week involved a group of about seven Urban Alchemy workers and twice as many apparent drug dealers, according to a commissioner.

Chesa Boudin Recall Campaign Featured Exceptionally High Costs for Signature-Gathering

The Boudin recall has the highest per-signature cost in recent San Francisco history, but experts say that doesn’t mean the DA recall has less grassroots support than the school board recall.

When Apologies Don’t Cut It: Lawsuit Seeks Truth and Compensation From Police Shooting Case

A new lawsuit is seeking financial compensation from the City and County of San Francisco and disclosures about Zachary McAuliffe’s record as an SFPD officer.

2 SF Police Officers Arrested on Suspicion of Destroying Evidence, Retired Officer Also Booked on Gun Charge

San Francisco police announced the arrests Tuesday of two active officers and one retired officer in connection with a pair of unrelated incidents.

Seven Don’t Miss Moments From Our Chesa Boudin Interview

Watch the best moments of The Standard’s spicy interview with District Attorney Chesa Boudin.

DA Chesa Boudin’s Innocence Commission Helps Free Man 3 Decades After Conviction in SoMa Murder Case

Joaquin Ciria is the first person to be exonerated by Boudin’s newly assembled commission that reviews potential wrongful convictions.

DA Chesa Boudin Sues to Deter ‘Fraudulent’ ADA Lawsuits Targeting Small Businesses

The progressive prosecutor said that roughly 250 small businesses in the community have been victimized by a law firm’s fraudulent claims.

DAMION screenshot

Critics Accuse DA Chesa Boudin of Hiding Data. His Team Says That’s ‘Absurd’

District Attorney Chesa Boudin’s office has been accused of hiding case data. We went behind the scenes to understand the tech challenges that Boudin’s team faces in making data public.

‘Criminals Will Go Wherever the Cops Aren’t’: Tenderloin Captain Talks Challenges of Policing the Neighborhood

SFPD’s Capt. Chris Canning says the Tenderloin emergency order has “absolutely made a difference.”