Special Election: Everything You Need to Know about SF’s Voter Information Pamphlet

What are the key things in the pamphlet for the upcoming special election? Some statements by or on behalf of persons being voted on are missing—why is that?

Polluted skies in San Francisco on January 13, 2022.

Why Is SF’s Air Quality So Bad Right Now?

The hazy skies and poor air quality that San Francisco residents started noticing Wednesday is due to a relatively normal winter weather phenomenon called a “temperature inversion,” not wildfires or an unusual amount of pollution, weather experts said Thursday. 

Explainer: Breaking Down San Francisco’s Bizarre Feb. 15 Special Election

In the first heat of a marathon election year, SF voters have the option to remove up to three school board members, as well as elect the city’s assessor-recorder and a state assemblymember.

Explainer: What SF Voters Need to Know About 2022 Ballot Measures

Several proposed charter amendments aim at corruption, others could shift the balance of power at City Hall.