Housing & Development

City Eyes Two New Buildings for Permanent Homeless Housing

The two sites contain a total of 274 housing units of varying sizes, including 200 units intended exclusively for families.

Board of Supervisors in 3 Minutes: Rent Relief, Retaliation, and Transparency

Supervisors are set to approve more rent relief, address property-related political drama, and call for greater transparency in property records.

Housing Shell Game: Supes’ Latest Actions Set to Slow New Housing as State Mandates Loom

SF’s board of supervisors habitually blocks housing initiatives in the name of affordability and other goals, threatening the city’s ability to meet state housing targets.

San Francisco Moves to Restart Rent Relief as State Bows Out

As California prepares to sunset its rent relief program, San Francisco is planning to take up the slack. But uncertainties remain.

New Exhibit, ‘House of Commons,’ Explores Promise and Pitfalls of Communal Living Structures

Congregate homes with shared central spaces and resources have a part to play in fixing San Francisco’s housing crisis, according to the exhibit’s creators.

Blocked Downtown Project Emerges as Sticking Point in AD17 Race

A contested housing project at 469 Stevenson Street features in a mailer attacking candidate David Campos.

California Lawmakers Struck a Deal on Eviction Protections as Local Relief Lags

Of the 19,021 San Francisco households that have requested state relief, a little over half have been paid so far.

City Accuses Construction Companies of Pollution, Zoning Law Violations Near Candlestick Point

Residents of Bay View and Hunter’s Point began complaining of excessive dust in the area starting in January 2021.

Transitional Housing Pop-Up Opens in SoMa

“Tiny cabins” offer refuge to those awaiting permanent housing.

YIMBY Takes Another Swing at Housing Reform With New Ballot Initiative

It’s the latest effort to get housing projects approved automatically if they meet all of the city’s requirements.