Perspective: With Gas Prices So High, It’s Time for SF to Get Serious About E-bikes 

Six-dollar gas signals that the era of ‘automobile entrapment’ is over.

Perspective: SF Has the Opportunity to Become a Real ‘Paris of the West’

On her visit to Europe, Mayor London Breed seemed to appreciate what the City of Light has done to reimagine itself.

Perspective: How The Oscars Slap Sidelined ‘Writing with Fire,’ a Film About an All-Women News Team

Will Smith’s smack overshadowed a genuine accomplishment: recognition of a foreign documentary about women journalists in India

Perspective: California Cities Have Plenty of Room and There’s No Reason to Build New Ones from Scratch

A seemingly appealing idea to solve the housing crisis with enormous, resource-intensive new metropolises won’t help the state achieve its goals

Perspective: For This Muni Operator, a Silly Horn Is a Serious Solution to Keep Buses Moving

Bus operators can push a button to get bad drivers cited. But we need another tool.

Perspective: The Rise of Fentanyl Is No Accident, and It’s Not Going Away

In spite of numerous overdoses in SF and elsewhere, the opioid’s presence in the drug supply is not a momentary blip

Perspective: The Time to Abolish Daylight Saving Time Is Now 

We have lived at the mercy of this anachronism for too long.

Perspective: The ‘Sunshine Protection Act’ Should Be Called the ‘Dark Mornings Act’

Nobody likes changing the clocks. But switching to Standard Time all year long is the better solution

Perspective: How California Could Become a Refuge for Reproductive Rights

More than half of Americans believe abortion should be legal. Yet women’s reproductive rights continue to be eroded.

Perspective: Noise Pop Serves as Reminder That Live Music is Essential to SF

After many ups and downs, San Francisco venues caught a glimpse of the before times, in part thanks to the Noise Pop Festival.