Board of Supervisors

Board of Supes in 4 Mins: Mr. Dorsey Goes to City Hall, Preston Pesters Breed on Housing

The new guy witnesses a ‘PROXY’ battle over housing policy and more reproach over redistricting.

Supervisors Preview: Housing Hopes and Headaches, and the New Guy

District 6 Supervisor Matt Dorsey’s first board meeting includes a possible clash between Breed, Preston over housing.

Mayor Breed Taps Matt Dorsey, a Police Spokesperson and Longtime Civil Servant, to Lead District 6

Dorsey said he was driven by his personal experience in addiction recovery and by watching a fentanyl epidemic take hold.

Board of Supervisors in 4 Minutes: Suspense, Frustration and Honors

The Board speaks out on the SCOTUS decision, honors the City’s Asian and Pacific Islander community… and has an empty seat.

Board of Supervisors Preview: Sharing the Wealth and Police Funding

An agenda light on ordinances focuses on grants, plus two Police Commissioners are set for reappointment.

Finally, a Map: Redistricting Saga Over (For Now) After Divisive Vote

Deliberation over the map went quickly—relative to the typical hours-long meetings— amid reproachful comments, threats of litigation

Board of Supervisors in 3 Minutes: After the JFK Face-off, Gimme Shelter

Another Homekey hotel buy, affordable housing on Treasure Island\ and a farewell to Matt Haney.

Grow SF Makes Embarrassing Chinese Translation Mistake in Billboard Attacking Supervisor Mar

Grow SF, one of San Francisco’s most politically active nonprofits, is taking down a billboard attacking Supervisor Gordon Mar because of errors in a translation to Chinese.

JFK Drive: 5 Big Things to Know About Today’s Hearing 

Here’s what you need to know about the joint hearing to decide if the 1.5-mile road in Golden Gate Park should remain closed to vehicles.

Board of Supervisors Preview: JFK Meets its Fate, Plus Affordable Housing and Permit Appeals

After weighing in on car-free JFK Drive, supervisors will consider another property purchase under Project Homekey, a Treasure Island development and more.