‘Really Disturbed’: Elections Commissioner Calls it Quits, Citing Redistricting Turmoil

Charles Jung, a mayoral appointee, had been a vocal critic of the commission’s conduct in San Francisco’s unusually fraught redistricting process.

SF Voters Lean Away from Progressive Policies as Homelessness and Public Safety Shape Opinions

The SF Standard Voter Poll shows the big challenges facing local officials in the post-Covid era of insecurity.

SF Standard Poll: DA Chesa Boudin Faces Grim Odds in Recall Election

An exclusive poll by The Standard found that first-term District Attorney Chesa Boudin seems likely to be out of a job before the end of his first term.

Supervisor Stefani Endorses Recall of DA Chesa Boudin

The supervisor could be a potential candidate for the job if San Francisco’s progressive prosecutor is recalled in June.

Tax-Free Stock from Wealthy Individuals Helps Fuel Recall of DA Chesa Boudin

Four individuals have given almost $900,000 worth of stock directly to the committee in charge of recalling SF District Attorney Chesa Boudin. The reason they gave stock instead of cash is unknown, but one reason could be to avoid paying a capital gains tax.

The Symbolism of Chesa Boudin: How the National Media is Playing the DA Recall

We read all the stories so you don’t have to.

June Propositions: Everything You Should Know Before You Vote

On June 7, San Franciscans will vote on eight policy questions. Some seem pretty simple, but are much more complicated than they appear.

Despite Political Drama, Redistricting May Yield Few Changes in November Election

According to veteran politicos, the city’s new district map will produce few concrete changes in the next round of supervisor races.

Chesa Boudin recall maps

Mapping the Money in the DA Chesa Boudin Recall

The campaign to recall DA Chesa Boudin has raised twice as much money as those trying to stop the recall, though the latter have attracted far more individual donors, according to campaign finance data released Friday.

San Francisco’s Most Left-Wing District Saw a 26-Point Swing to the Moderate Side in Most Recent Election 

Results in San Francisco’s most progressive district might provide some clues on whether San Francisco voters are now favoring a more centrist approach to governance.