As Nonprofit Workers Strike, Tenderloin Housing Clinic and City Point Fingers

Tenderloin Housing Clinic workers strike for 24 hours as Randy Shaw and city representatives shift blame for low pay.

Supervisors Look To Extend Shelter-in-Place Hotels Amid Complaints, Damage Claims

The program mitigated homelessness and sheltered thousands during the pandemic, but also comes with complications.

Historic Strike at Homeless Nonprofit? Tenderloin Housing Clinic Employees Veer Toward Unprecedented Work Stoppage

A strike could lead to a serious disruption in services, with appointments canceled, maintenance requests unfulfilled and nobody at front desks monitoring who enters buildings.

‘A Lifesaver’: Worries, Uncertainty Surround Tenderloin Center’s Closure

Feelings about the Tenderloin Center’s looming closure are mixed between clients and other locals, with unhoused clients uncertain of where they’ll turn for services after its December closure.

Controversial Tenderloin Center to Shutter in December

The Tenderloin Center, which opened as part of Mayor London Breed’s emergency declaration to address drug-related deaths, is set to close at the end of the year. 

Police Clear Homeless Encampment Days After Mayor’s Tweet, Prompting Questions About Legality of Such Sweeps

This wasn’t the first time a passing request from London Breed led to police rousting unhoused people from the sidewalk.

What Happens if You Become Homeless in SF? A Look at the ‘Front Door’ of the City’s Homeless Response

It all starts with a survey that determines what services each client needs—and whether they end up in short-term shelter or stable housing.

Tenderloin Housing Clinic Workers Rejoice as Breed Floats a Raise for Nonprofit Staff

Over a month after workers protested outside the opening of a new supportive housing building, SF’s mayor is proposing more resources for the sites.

Hotels Demand SF Pay Up for Damage During Shelter-in-Place

The owners of Good Hotel, Hotel Vertigo and others are among those that may be asking the city for compensation, according to a filing.

Supes Spar Over How to Get Every Homeless San Franciscan into a Shelter: ‘The Streets Cannot be a Waiting Room’

Mandelman says amendments will undermine his effort to get the city to stick to an important deadline.