‘Zoom Bombing’ Lawsuit Featuring San Francisco Church Strikes $85 Million Settlement

In May 2020, a Zoom bomber subjected a bible study class to repellent pornographic videos. The church and its fellow plaintiffs won a settlement described as groundbreaking.

As the Digital World Turns, the Internet Archive Soldiers on in Quest to Preserve History

The Internet Archive is a non-profit dedicated to creating an indelible record of humanity’s transition into the digital age, operating out of a former Christian Science church in the Inner Richmond since 1996. There, a small team of digital librarians work tirelessly to acquire and archive documents and data from across the world, seeking to construct a modern Library of Alexandria. 

It’s Finally Here: Real Driverless Cruise Cars Spotted Picking Up Passengers Around the City

The training wheels are finally coming off. In the past few weeks, San Francisco has become the first major U.S. city where autonomous vehicles have provided fully driverless rides to members of the public.

Federal Vaccine Mandate Unlikely to Shift Plans at Major S.F. Employers

Many major S.F. companies already have vaccine mandates, though most workers are still staying away from the office.

San Francisco Startups Rake in Funding Even as Employees Stay Home

The tech sector is booming, but city leaders worry that remote work will undercut the recovery of the downtown economy.

To Help Streets Sparkle, S.F. Looks to Revamped Tech For Cleanup Crews

The city’s 311 system processes 20,000 requests for street cleanup per month, but inefficiencies abound between city crews and private neighborhood efforts. A recent push hopes to change that.