Hella News: The Standard’s Voter Poll Finds San Franciscans Are Fed Up

Every elected official in the city—from DA Boudin and Mayor Breed to the Board of Supervisors—should be on notice: Negative approval ratings are surging.

Hella News: Why San Francisco Can’t Build More Housing

The city needs to build 82,000 units of housing by 2031, but San Francisco looks like it might be at risk of failing to meet this goal.

Playing With the Tides: How San Francisco’s Iconic Wave Organ Sings

Twenty-five concrete pipes capture the sounds of the ocean’s waves. The result is an ethereal melody.

Beloved Green Apple Books Turns Page on Covid, Celebrates Independent Bookstore Day

As the city dials back Covid restrictions and mask mandates, San Franciscans can appreciate local independent bookstores in ways they haven’t been able to over the past two years.

Hella News: The War Over JFK Drive Is Finally Over

In the second episode of Hella News, co-hosts Meaghan Mitchell and Josh Koehn discuss the controversial fight over keeping a road in San Francisco’s Golden Gate Park car-free.

Take 3 Minutes to Understand Proposition C, Which Seeks to Limit the Frequency of Recalls in San Francisco

Prop. C is all about “recall reform”—narrowing the window in which recalls can occur and limiting the power of post-recall mayoral appointees. If that sounds confusing, you’re not alone. We break it down into simpler terms in this video explainer.

Introducing Hella News, SF’s First Comedy News Show

Episode One dives into census data to better understand San Francisco’s changing demographics.

DA Chesa Boudin: Five Takeaways From a Fiery Live Interview

The DA aggressively pushed back when asked to address concerns about the Tenderloin, his management and the perception that his tenure has emboldened criminals.

Take 3 Minutes to (Finally) Understand Redistricting

We’re here to help explain: What the **** is going on with redistricting?

Join Us Thursday for a Live-Streamed Conversation With DA Chesa Boudin

Join The Standard’s editor-in-chief Jonathan Weber for an in-depth discussion with San Francisco’s top lawyer this Thursday at 2 p.m. PT.