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Data Engineer

The San Francisco Standard seeks a full-time data engineer passionate about collecting, cleaning, analyzing, and publishing a variety of local data sources with the ultimate goal of helping San Franciscans better understand their city.

The Standard seeks to offer readers deeper reporting, analysis, and insight than is currently available today. Often, this requires more sophisticated data pipelines.

About the Role

We believe the ideal candidate has the following skills and abilities, but encourage you to apply regardless:

  • 5+ years working as a full-time software or data engineer in a production environment; you are well-versed in ETL pipelines and the like.
  • 2-3 years experience writing backend code (or equivalent). The ideal candidate will be comfortable providing code reviews to another engineer, particularly when it comes to backend development.
  • Experienced with engineering best practices, including automated testing, continuous integration and deployment, Git workflows, and related concepts.
  • Excellent communication skills with technical and non-technical audiences; you will interface directly with reporters, editors, designers, and others in this role.
  • 2-3+ years of experience working with data from a variety of entities, including local/state government offices, non-profits, private entities, publicly available sources, and others. The ideal candidate is well-versed and familiar with the range of potential data sources.
  • Experience scraping public websites and building automated workflows (i.e. cron jobs) to continuously monitor for and ingest changes.
  • Experience writing scripts to transform CSVs.
  • Ability to manually and automatically perform quality assurance checks on datasets.
  • Impeccable attention to detail; you relish clean data sets and know what it takes to standardized and sanitize new data. Moreover, you maintain a healthy degree of skepticism and understand that data can’t always be taken at face-value.
  • Strong portfolio of past projects that show you know how to build and maintain production-level pipelines and code.
  • Experience working in a lean/start-up environment is a plus; we have a small but dedicated team of in-house engineers, designers, and more with a high degree of autonomy, which allows us to move faster than most.
  • Excellent self-management skills; you don’t want to be micro-managed and your references would describe you as something equivalent to a “self-starter”. You are always on the look out for opportunities to add value and ultimately want to be at a place that values your judgment.
  • Experience working in always-on environments is a plus. We take time when we need it, but we’re a small team and the nature of the news means that (often) we have to deal with things when they arise. We work hard and pick up slack when possible to allow each other to unplug.
  • Passion for unlocking, uncovering, and providing new data sources and streams. The ideal candidate will bring a combination of technical expertise and a vision for how data could enhance the work of reporters, editors, and more. 
  • Experience making interactive data visualizations is a plus.

If interested, apply here.

About The Standard

Our mission is to help San Franciscans know their city. Through our reporting, content, and products, we aim to inspire anyone with a stake in San Francisco to better understand, connect with, and relate to the things that make S.F. tick. Whether it’s an obscure permitting process or the mom ‘n’ pop store that opened down the street, we want to help people feel more connected to San Francisco through high-quality, trustworthy, and accurate reporting and coverage.

We encourage you to apply even if you don’t fit the conventional requirements of the job.


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