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Data Visualization Lead

The San Francisco Standard seeks an experienced and talented data visualizer to clarify the complex and help our audience better understand San Francisco.

About the Role

In this role, you will be the dedicated in-house data visualization expert. The ideal candidate will be adept at designing and implementing digestible, performant, and visually-stunning data visualizations to accompany or lead quick-turn articles, longer-form pieces, and multimedia projects.

Key Skills

  • 5+ years creating data visualizations in a professional environment.
  • Deep experience with your tools of choice, but we hope you’re familiar with React and D3.js (ultimately, you’re the expert, so if there are better tools these days, tell us!).
  • Discerning visual sensibilities; unique knowledge of best-practices in data visualization and design. Clear track-record of visually evocative artifacts (static and dynamic).
  • Experience creating, applying, and evolving data visualization styleguides within a brand; experience working with other designers to evolve and maintain a cohesive and high-quality visual identity across surfaces.
  • An extensive portfolio of custom data visualizations that show your cabilities and reflect the caliber of work you’d bring to The Standard.
  • Excellent communication skills; you will work with reporters, writers, videographers, photographers, engineers, and many more in this role.
  • Demonstrated ability to unlock & deepen understanding through data visualization. We are looking for someone excited to go beyond mere beautification. The ideal candidate will have a rich body of work and experience strategically leveraging data visualization to enrich an audience’s understanding or illucidate concepts that couldn’t otherwise be communicated.

If interested, please apply with a portfolio of past work.

About The Standard

Our mission is to help San Franciscans know their city. Through our reporting, content, and products, we aim to inspire anyone with a stake in San Francisco to better understand, connect with, and relate to the things that make S.F. tick. Whether it’s an obscure permitting process or the mom ‘n’ pop store that opened down the street, we want to help people feel more connected to San Francisco through high-quality, trustworthy, and accurate reporting and coverage.

We encourage you to apply even if you don’t fit the conventional requirements of the job. 


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