Thursday, June 30, 2022

IT & Office Coordinator

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The San Francisco Standard is hiring a full-time Office & IT Coordinator to manage and oversee the implementation of core organizational tools and technologies, training of employees, ongoing handling of internal technology-related issues, and to assist with day-to-day office operations.

In this role, you will report to the Director of Operations and be responsible for the smooth, secure, and ongoing management of all internal tools and software used for organization collaboration and coordination. Since we are a fairly small organization (30-50 employees), we’re also looking for someone who is interested in contributing to general office needs and operations when the IT workload is light.

  • 2-3+ years of experience working in IT operations and overseeing information technology projects.
  • Strong understanding of computer systems and tools, including modern collaboration tools and HR technologies like: Notion, Rippling, Google Workspace, Slack, 1Password, and WordPress.
  • Demonstrable experience implementing and upholding security best practices at an organization, including operational security, tools, trainings, and more to protect internal systems and documents.
  • Strong interpersonal skills and ability to effectively communicate with teams across the entire organization.
  • Proven ability to manage office and IT projects end-to-end.
  • A patient mindset and a commitment to ensure team members both have the tools to succeed and have the understanding to use those tools to succeed.
  • Experience training teammates on tools or leading IT trainings at companies.

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