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Software Engineer

We’re hiring full-stack software engineers to launch the next iteration of our flagship news & media product. You will play a major role in designing, building, and maintaining the applications and infrastructure that enable a fast-paced and fast-growing editorial team to deliver high-quality, accurate, and novel news to San Franciscans. You can learn more about our company’s mission and values on our about page.

Key Requirements & Responsibilities

  • 3-5+ years of experience working full-time as a software engineer
  • B.S. degree/higher in Computer Science (or equivalent working experience)
  • Experience with Google Cloud Platform/AWS or similar tools
  • Experience with React, D3.js, and using front-end UI frameworks like Ant Design and BlueprintJS in production
  • Expertise in Git workflows and general software engineering best practices, including end-to-end testing, continuous deployment, and code reviews
  • An appreciation for thoughtfully-designed software and a strong sense of craft whether you’re writing code or helping design a new feature
  • Experience and fluency making UX/UI trade-offs and refinements is a plus
  • Experience with Node.js, Python, ETL pipelines, cron jobs, and similar tools
  • Ability to manage technical debt strategically and balance speed with quality
  • Experience using Expo to ship cross-platform applications in production is a plus
  • A belief that accurate reporting, data ,and information thoughtfully presented can fundamentally help people understand and engage with San Francisco in more meaningful ways
  • Experience designing, implementing, and scaling products designed to help people access and understand data is a plus

About the Team

You’re joining a newsroom! Fundamentally, our organization is focused on helping San Franciscans better know their city. That includes the new mom-and-pop shop on the corner and the big breaking news stories that nobody else covers. The product team is small, but mighty. You’ll be sharing space with a room full of reporters, journalists, photographers, videographers, and more. While the editorial team is chasing down leads and following up with sources, you’ll be building the platform that showcases their hard work and delivers reporting, information, content, news, and more to our audience.


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