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Mayor Breed Tests Positive for Covid
Monday, July 04, 2022

Mayor Breed Tests Positive for Covid

Mayor London Breed has tested positive for Covid, according to a statement from her office released Wednesday. 

“Mayor Breed is feeling well, and she will be conducting meetings from home,” the statement reads. 

The mayor is fully vaccinated and boosted, according to her office. She is isolating in accordance with local health protocols and will not be attending any upcoming public appearances, the press release states. 

The mayor had made a number of public appearances in the past few days including at the Warriors victory parade on Monday and a Junteenth celebration in the Fillmore District on Saturday. On Tuesday, Breed conducted a photoshoot with a number of city department heads and commission members at City Hall. 

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After a surge of Covid infections hit San Francisco last month, the number of new cases in the city have started to plateau and then dip over the past week. While overall deaths in the city saw an uptick in May, they are down for the month of June and are at a fraction of the levels seen during the Omicron wave in January. 

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  • Great. She hogged the spotlight at the Warriors’ ceremony and insisted on sitting with the team, the only outsider to do so. Now they’ll probably all get it. At least they have months to recover.

  • Considering how many parade attendees were not wearing masks, the Mayor will not be the only one to test positive. Consider it as an indicator , that although you may be fully vaccinated, it is still not wise to go out in public “unmasked”.

  • Seems like more and more vaxxed folk are getting covid over and over again. I know quite a few unvaxxed and they are fine, no repeated covid infections. Studies are out there pointing in the direction that these mRNA injections are messing with people’s immune systems, as well as causing major coronary and neurological issues. Powerful Big Pharma conned everyone into thinking their products are “safe and effective”. Why did everyone believe them without scrutiny? Meanwhile, the mayor will be fine, and masks are useless.

  • Thank you for shining a light on the fraud and deception that has hypnotized most everyone. WAKE UP PEOPLE! Read/listen to Mattias Desmet and the Psychology of Totalitarianism.

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