District Attorney Chesa Boudin Recall

San Franciscans will vote on the recall of District Attorney Chesa Boudin on June 7, 2022. Discover the latest news and coverage about the recall election from The San Francisco Standard below.

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Town Hall: Crime & Public Safety in SF

DA Boudin Talks About Police Chief Criticism, Recall Election

How to Fight a Recall: School Board Recall Founders Offer Advice 

Additional Coverage

Brooke Jenkins Officially Wins District Attorney Race, School Board Appointee Ann Hsu Now Behind

The San Francisco Department of Elections released a new tranche of ballot results Monday afternoon, bringing the total counted ballots to 88%.

Vacant Homes Tax Passes, Fate of School Board Candidate Ann Hsu Uncertain

The San Francisco Department of Elections released a new tranche of ballot results Sunday afternoon, bringing the total counted ballots to 80%.

As Assistant DA, Brooke Jenkins Shared Sensitive Info on Case Highlighted in Boudin Recall

Days before leaving her post as assistant district attorney in the office of then-DA Chesa Boudin, Brooke Jenkins sent three police reports to the personal email of a colleague who was also exiting the office and who also joined the recall campaign.

The 6 Best (and Worst) Halloween Costumes To Skewer SF Politics

With less than a week to find a Halloween costume, those looking to skewer local politics—and confuse normal humans—have come to the right place.

Families of Men Killed by Police Accuse DA of Playing Politics With Trial Delays

The District Attorney’s Office has delayed prosecuting officers in the killing of three Black and brown men until November at the earliest.

DA Jenkins Touts Tougher Charges for Dealing Drugs Near Schools. But She’s Filed Just 2 Such Cases So Far

New analysis reveals a disconnect between Jenkins’ messaging to voters and the charges her office is filing.

DA Brooke Jenkins Got Paid Big Bucks by Group Linked to Chesa Boudin Recall. Ethics Complaint Accuses Her of Breaking Law

Complaint filed with the state political watchdog and city Ethics Commission accuses Jenkins of violating campaign laws.

SF District Attorney Race: Who’s Winning the Fundraising Battle?

Newly filed fundraising figures gives a first look at the how the District Attorney’s race is shaping up in the battle to be SF’s top cop.

Dreamforce Is Back, and SF’s Tourism Industry Couldn’t Be More Thrilled

San Francisco’s largest convention is back on Tuesday, with 40,000 descending upon the city. It’s a hopeful sign for hotels and tourism operators.

DA Jenkins Unveils New Policy to Steer Drug Users Into Treatment

From now on, defendants with five or more misdemeanors will have those charges bundled and diverted to a special court that prioritizes mental health treatment and rehab.

City Investigating Sunset District Supervisor Candidate Leanna Louie for Possible Residency Fraud

Following a report that Louie voted in a different district than the one she is running in, the City Attorney’s Office launched an investigation of her true residency.

DA Candidate John Hamasaki Hires Chesa Boudin’s Former Campaign Manager

Watch John Hamasaki make his bid for DA official with Chesa Boudin’s former campaign manager at the helm.

Fentanyl Dealers Face More Jail Time, Harsher Penalties in SF Under New DA’s Plan

Brooke Jenkins announced new policies for prosecuting drug dealers as well as her decision to reverse misdemeanor plea offers made under her predecessor, Chesa Boudin.

What Drug Users in SF Think of the Police Crackdown on Possession

Drug users say the tactics amount to harassment, while advocates warn that the push could result in more overdose deaths.

Meet Chesa Boudin’s #1 Hater, Now Running To Represent SF’s Sunset District

Leanna Louie used to follow Chesa Boudin around protesting him. She’s now running for office in the Sunset. Is she what SF voters want?

Will Asian American Voters Support Brooke Jenkins?

Though the AAPI community fueled the recall that ousted Chesa Boudin, the mayor picked a non-Asian successor as DA because of concerns about “electability.”

Analysis: Mayor Breed Gambles With Her Own Political Future in Appointing Brooke Jenkins as District Attorney

The appointment was always going to be politically risky, but replacing Chesa Boudin with his most vocal critic could define the mayor’s career.

SF’s New DA: Brooke Jenkins, Ex-Prosecutor Who Led Chesa Boudin Recall, Named His Successor

The mayor appointed Brooke Jenkins as the city’s top prosecutor—at least until the fall, when voters will weigh in on who will serve out the rest of Boudin’s term.

Willie Brown Thinks DA Chesa Boudin Should Run Again. And Says He’d Win

Mayor Breed must wait at least 10 days to appoint a new DA, but one of her mentors thinks Chesa Boudin could win back his old job.

Behind the Scenes in Mayor London Breed’s Search to Replace DA Chesa Boudin

While the mayor has been conducting meetings and phone calls, sources say the mayor’s chief of staff is personally vetting candidates.

No, Voter Turnout Wasn’t ‘Abysmally Low’ in SF This Election

At around 46%, turnout for the June 7 election outpaced the average for gubernatorial primaries and is on par with the last 10 years of all primary elections.

Hella News: Wait, What Happened on Election Day?

San Francisco voters are exhausted after the city held its third election of the year Tuesday. Here’s a quick rundown of results.

Boudin Ousted by Coalition of Asian Voters From All Income Levels and Wealthy Whites

The anti-recall campaign failed to make inroads beyond progressive strongholds such as Bernal Heights and the Haight.

What the Media Is Saying about the Recall of DA Chesa Boudin

The recall of San Francisco’s progressive prosecutor was riveting to the politically minded across the nation—and the media takeaways are all over the map.

The Rise and Fall of Chesa Boudin: Why a Progressive DA Lost in Deep-Blue San Francisco

The recall of DA Chesa Boudin ends a saga that started almost as soon as the reform-minded prosecutor took office.

DA Boudin Ousted by Large Margin in Widely Watched Recall Election

Voters call to remove Boudin after a well-funded campaign against his progressive approach to prosecution in San Francisco.

Boudin recall
June 2022 Local Election Results & Interactive Maps

Check here at 8:45 PM to see live results and interactive maps for local races, including the DA recall and all local propositions.

Live Blog: San Francisco Voters Weigh in on Chesa Boudin Recall, State and National Primaries

San Franciscans are heading to the polls for the third time this year to decide on a number of issues that will shape the city’s political landscape for years to come.

It’s On: Voters to Decide Boudin’s Fate—Plus a Slew of Anti-Corruption Measures and a Statewide Primary

Today’s election will set the tone for how the city handles crime and corruption.

Explainer: What Happens Next Now That DA Chesa Boudin Is Recalled?

A series of deadlines will go into effect if the recall of SF District Attorney Chesa Boudin succeeds, including another election this November.

The Recall of Chesa Boudin: How the Pandemic Fed a National Attack on Progressive Prosectors

District Attorney Chesa Boudin and other progressive prosecutors across the country took office with what they considered a mandate to reshape the criminal justice system. An anxious electorate and Republicans eager to capitalize on any miscues have changed the math.

High-Profile Attacks Against Asian Americans in SF Rarely Lead to Hate Crime Charges

KQED and The Standard partnered to review a dozen high-profile criminal cases involving Asian American victims to unpack the essence of the fear from the Asian community — that the crimes are racially motivated or not.

LGBTQ+ Prioritize Housing, Diversity at Highest Rates: SF Voter Poll

San Francisco’s LGBTQ+ community faces huge economic hurdles but has more faith in the city’s future thanks to its diversity.

Does Chesa Have a Chance? With Record Low Turnout So Far, He’ll Need to Massively Tap into His Base

Experts say San Francisco’s district attorney will have to work some campaign magic and get his base to come through.

Tale of Two Voters: Chesa Boudin Recall Reveals Starkly Different Views of San Francisco

Residents planning to vote yes and no on the recall of District Attorney Chesa Boudin stand apart on a wide variety of issues, poll data shows.

Chesa Boudin and Francisco Ugarte
The Standard Q&A: Public Defender Francisco Ugarte Talks DA Chesa Boudin, Drug Cases and Immigration

Public defender Francisco Ugarte talks about his objections to The Standard’s report earlier this week on DA Boudin’s fentanyl conviction record.

DA Boudin and Fentanyl: Court Data Shows Just 3 Drug Dealing Convictions in 2021 as Immigration Concerns Shaped Policy

Data obtained from San Francisco Superior Court show that District Attorney Chesa Boudin’s office secured just three total drug dealing convictions in 2021, as prosecutors weighed offenders’ immigration status.

SF Standard Poll: DA Chesa Boudin Faces Grim Odds in Recall Election

An exclusive poll by The Standard found that first-term District Attorney Chesa Boudin seems likely to be out of a job before the end of his first term.

Asian American Voters Most Likely to Support Recall of DA Chesa Boudin, The Standard’s Voter Poll Finds

The Standard’s new poll found that 67% of Asian voters were in favor of the recall, which was significantly higher than other racial groups.

Supervisor Stefani Endorses Recall of DA Chesa Boudin

The supervisor could be a potential candidate for the job if San Francisco’s progressive prosecutor is recalled in June.