Explainer: What is ‘Stealth Omicron’ and Should SF Be Concerned?

The “stealth” title of the virus may be a bit of a misnomer, said Dr. John Swartzberg, an infectious disease expert at UC Berkeley.

San Francisco to Lift Indoor Mask Rules for Office Workers, Gyms on Feb. 1

Fully vaccinated people will again be allowed to remove their masks in indoor settings like gyms and offices under a new San Francisco health order starting Tuesday.

Health Experts Push Back on UCSF Doctors’ Petition Calling for End to California Mask Mandates

As the Omicron wave subsides, UCSF doctors have split into two camps on whether to lift mask mandates, especially for children.

UCSF Doctors Say It’s Time to End ‘Mindless’ Covid Rules in Open Letter to Gov. Newsom

The open letter to Gov. Gavin Newsom and others calls for lifting nearly all masking mandates for school-aged children once the Omicron wave passes.

Student Leaders Demand Better Covid Safety at SF Schools

As Omicron surges through San Francisco schools, members of the student council call for remote learning options and improved safety protocols from district leaders.

Here’s What SF Needs to Know About California’s New Covid Workplace Rules

Friday, as Covid case rates in California have jumped to their highest levels yet—more than six…

Counting Covid: SF Doctors Worry Widely Used Metrics are Misleading in Omicron Surge

Health professionals see an important divide between patients admitted “with” Covid versus those admitted “for” Covid.

Mayor Breed Threatens Healthcare Providers with $10K Daily Fines for Slow Tests

San Franciscans who utilized Color’s services prior to the closures this week are reporting delays in getting their results back. 

Amid Staff, Test and Mask Shortages, Teacher Group Plans ‘Sick-Out’

With 600 district employees absent on Tuesday, some educators worry that current safety protocols aren’t enough to stem the spread of Omicron at local schools.

Covid Conundrum: Workers go ‘Test Hunting’ as Shortage Imperils SF’s Pandemic Recovery

A new San Francisco Covid-19 policy meant to get workers back faster is running headlong into a shortage of tests.