Chesa Boudin recall maps

Mapping the Money in the DA Chesa Boudin Recall

The campaign to recall DA Chesa Boudin has raised twice as much money as those trying to stop the recall, though the latter have attracted far more individual donors, according to campaign finance data released Friday.

When SF Voters Decide Whether to Recall the DA, They Will Also Weigh In on the Recall Process Itself

San Francisco voters already unseated three school board members, and they’ll soon decide on the district attorney’s fate. But even then, the debate over recalls isn’t stopping.

Chesa Boudin Recall Campaign Featured Exceptionally High Costs for Signature-Gathering

The Boudin recall has the highest per-signature cost in recent San Francisco history, but experts say that doesn’t mean the DA recall has less grassroots support than the school board recall.

DA Chesa Boudin: Five Takeaways From a Fiery Live Interview

The DA aggressively pushed back when asked to address concerns about the Tenderloin, his management and the perception that his tenure has emboldened criminals.

Big Issues Loom as School Board Resumes In-Person Public Comment, Welcomes New Members

Commissioners Ann Hsu, Lisa Weissman-Ward and Lainie Motamedi were seated at their new ‘home-away-from-home’ on Tuesday.

Chesa Boudin Recall Campaign Releases Poll Suggesting DA Is a Goner

A poll of 800 likely voters in SF—funded by the campaign to recall DA Chesa Boudin—suggests the progressive prosecutor could be out in June.

How to Fight a Recall: School Board Recall Founders Offer Advice to Embattled DA Chesa Boudin

Beleaguered District Attorney Chesa Boudin faces a tough recall election come June. Siva Raj and…

Police Commission in Flux: Cohen, Hamasaki Depart at Key Moment in Reform Debate

Turnover on the city’s police commission comes at a critical time, as the chief is sparring with the district attorney over key investigations.

SF Voters to Weigh In on 7 Ballot Measures for the June 7 Primary Election

From recall reform to reigning in Recology and extending sick leave, San Francisco voters will be asked to weigh in on seven ballot measures and a crowded list of candidates for the June 7 primary election. 

Recalled School Board Member Alison Collins Filed Plans to Fix Illegally Merged Flats

Collins and her husband plan to address the complaint by turning the former basement into one unit and will keep the merged top two floors as the second unit, The Standard has learned.