School Board recall

Ahead of First School Board Meeting, New Commissioners Outline Priorities

Progressives worried that Mayor London Breed’s picks could move the city in a moderate direction. All three insist they have no higher political ambitions.

Recall Camp Candidates Support Merit-Based Admissions at Lowell

The school’s future was a major force in the recent recall of three school board members. It continues to loom large in district discourse.

A Brief History of the San Francisco Board of Education Recall

The road to the SF school board recall is littered with racially charged debates, ill-advised tweets and plenty of pandemic frustration.

Education Spotlight Shifts to Breed as City Asserts More Control After the Ousting of 3 School Board Members in Recall

López, Moliga and Collins are out. The ball is now in the mayor’s court, and her next moves will be consequential.

Election Recap: 3 SF School Board Members Recalled by Overwhelming Margin; Haney, Campos Head to Runoff for Assembly

Voters in San Francisco made three big decisions Tuesday—see how things unfolded on election night.

Money and Motives: Who Is Paying for the School Board Recall, and Why?

Critics of the school board recall say it’s a billionaire-funded hatchet job. Here’s what campaign finances show.

Lowell High School Neighborhood Was Key to the School Board Recall’s Smashing Success

The Standard looked at the precincts that supported the recall most heavily, uncovering the center of the recall movement: Lowell High.