Anna Tong

Anna Tong is the data editor at The San Francisco Standard. Prior to The Standard, she worked in product management at cryptocurrency and real estate startups and at Google. She also was a staff writer at the Sacramento Bee, and has written for Vogue Business, the San Francisco Chronicle and the San Jose Mercury News. Anna was born and raised in the Bay Area and has lived in San Francisco for a very long time! Anna can be reached at [email protected]

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Amazon One Whole Foods Checkout

Amazon’s Biometric Palm Scanning Coming Soon to SF Whole Foods

Creepy or convenient? E-commerce giant Amazon is rolling out touchless, palm-reading payments to Whole Foods locations in SF.

As Downtown San Francisco’s Recovery Lags, a Tangle of Business Taxes Encourages Work From Home

Proponents say San Francisco’s business taxes are popular with voters and a moral imperative. Business interests say the system encourages companies to keep workers at home.

SF’s Revenue From a New Homelessness Tax Fell 45% Last Year as Companies Moved and Workers Stayed Home

Those opposed to Prop C say the tax has encouraged big companies to keep workers out of downtown offices. Proponents of the 2018 homelessness tax say the dip is temporary.

Meet Chesa Boudin’s #1 Hater, Now Running To Represent SF’s Sunset District

Leanna Louie used to follow Chesa Boudin around protesting him. She’s now running for office in the Sunset. Is she what SF voters want?

The Standard Tracker: Here Are the Return-to-Office Policies of SF’s Public Companies

Before the pandemic, revenues generated by office life accounted for 75% of the city’s gross domestic product.

San Franciscans’ European Summer Vacations Ending In Baggage Nightmares, Customer Service Purgatory

“It’s “Airmaggedon”: European airports are collapsing under the surge of summer travel demand.

Sorry, Haters: The SF Bay Area Is Still the Startup Capital

Bay Area startups still commandeer the most startup capital out of any metro area, data released today shows.

$5,000 Bonuses, Pet Insurance: SF Restaurants Embrace Corporate-Style Perks Amid Historic Labor Shortage

With workers in short supply, some SF restaurants are turning to perks that meet, or even exceed, what’s offered at big Fortune 500 corporations.

Easy Come, Easy Go: How Tech Fueled the Boom and Bust of San Francisco Office Work

More than half of the city’s publicly traded companies have told employees they don’t have to come back to the office.

SF’s Venture Capital Deals Dropped Precipitously in June

‘Everyone’s getting a little more scared’: Investment in the city’s famed startups plummets by nearly two-thirds.