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Aaron Peskin sees ‘a lane’ to winning San Francisco mayor’s race

The president of the Board of Supervisors has been taking meetings across the city and is 'warming up' to the idea of challenging Mayor Breed.

Dump Dean or embrace him? Sizing up the most polarizing man in city politics

The Board of Supervisors’ only Democratic Socialist has become a lightning rod among the city’s moderates. Can Dean Preston win reelection?

Nepalese restaurants are almost hidden in plain sight. Just look for the Himalayas

After a devastating 2015 earthquake, many Nepalese people fled to the Bay Area. But better-known Indian food casts a long shadow.

Protesters, police clash at Gaza cease-fire march in downtown San Francisco

A demonstration Saturday demanding an end to the Israel-Hamas war turned violent near the Israel consulate, resulting in injuries to demonstrators and officers.

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Bilal Mahmood claims progressives target him with racist election mailer

Bilal Mahmood is running for a seat on the Democratic County Central Committee next week and for supervisor in November.

San Francisco urges Supreme Court to overturn homelessness ruling

In a filing with the U.S. Supreme Court, San Francisco came out squarely against a lower court's decision that places restrictions on the ability to abate encampments.

Are San Francisco homeless encampments decreasing?

After an appeals court clarified that the city has the right to abate certain homeless encampments, a recent count purports to show a decrease in tents and vehicles.

Breed again asks Xi Jinping for pandas. This time, Chinese American leaders join her

China said last month that the San Diego Zoo will receive pandas. Mayor London Breed is not giving up her mission to get the rare, fuzzy animals in San Francisco.


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It’s official: Waymo robotaxis are now free to use freeways and leave San Francisco

Alphabet's robotaxi arm is officially allowed to go down the Peninsula and utilize freeways to ferry passengers.

Mourn Macy’s, but the true loss is the Cheesecake Factory

You can take the Burberry or Balenciaga, but please, I beg you, leave the complimentary brown bread.

Mostly vacant downtown San Francisco mall gets a retro rebrand

The former Westfield mall in downtown San Francisco will now be called 'Emporium Centre San Francisco.'

Electronic Arts, maker of Madden and other popular video games, to cut nearly 700 jobs

Electronic Arts is cutting about 5% of its workforce, or approximately 670 employees, as layoffs in the gaming sector continue.

Editor's Picks

Is this $7.50 burrito in East Oakland the cheapest in California?

Jaime and Adrian Norberto, owners of La Casa De Maria in East Oakland, say their burrito is the cheapest in all of California.

Fentanyl users steal ice cream daily, store says. They even have a favorite flavor

The manager at Salt & Straw's Hayes Valley shop said drug users have been stealing five to 10 pints of ice cream daily.

Pizza, beer and a political reeducation: The new tech party is a teach-in

Pizza, La Croix and a politician are part of the package at these San Francisco gatherings.

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Newly unearthed trove of photographs shows the Fillmore’s devastation in stunning detail  

Never before scene negatives exclusively shared with The Standard include thousands of images of a vanished world.

Reggie Watts on AI music, staying in the Tenderloin and the joy of a Mission-style burrito

Reggie Watts, the comedian and musician, voiced his views on San Francisco's handling of homelessness ahead of his Thursday show in the city.

New clues emerge about San Francisco’s greatest art mystery

Additional investigation by the Standard identifies family members of Ary Arcadie Lochakov, whose long-vanished art was discovered in San Francisco.

2 filmmakers with Bay Area ties will compete head-to-head at the Oscars

Leo Chiang and Sean Wang are nominated for the best documentary short category at this year's Academy Awards.


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Opinion: San Francisco is punting its failures on homelessness to Trump judges—Chesa Boudin

The power San Francisco’s politicians seek from the Supreme Court will be no solution at all.

Opinion: Macy’s closure can’t be reduced to Twitter takes. It’s part of a long retail decline

The San Francisco landmark’s closure can’t be directly attributed to crime or homelessness as reactionary commentators and politicians claimed.

Opinion: Show us the money. If supervisors want to hire more police, they should find the funds

‘Common sense’: If San Francisco leaders want to spend another $30 million a year for cops, they need to tell us where the money will come from.

Opinion: The landline lovers have spoken: Cellphones aren’t reliable enough in an emergency

‘There are plenty of us who depend on a reliable means of communication.’

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Night markets return in Chinatown, downtown and Sunset District this year

Building on the momentum from last year’s highly successful events, multiple night markets are set to return.

A new booze-free bottle shop slakes city’s thirst for mocktails

Buzzy Los Angeles bottle shop the New Bar debuts with booze-free beverages on San Francisco’s Union Street this March.

Fusing the old with new at San Franciso’s best—and newly expanded—Iranian restaurant

The bright, healing flavors of Komaaj Mazze Bar include unique ingredients like barberries, borage flowers and pomegranate molasses.

This cult Japanese izakaya in the Mission is exactly what San Francisco needs right now

Chome has exactly the kind of serious fun that San Francisco needs right now. 


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Customers are venting their rage at PG&E on social media. It might get even hotter soon

Sharing eye-popping utility bills on social media is all the rage. Emphasis on rage.

Crowds line up to see—and smell—corpse flower at San Francisco museum

It was the first bloom for the corpse flower, nicknamed Mirage, at the California Academy of Sciences.

The fungus among us: Rain-soaked San Francisco now has mushrooms sprouting inside homes

The rainy season in San Francisco doesn’t just bring April flowers. Sometimes, it brings mold—and even mushrooms—indoors.

This park is full of edible mushrooms. I foraged for some and didn’t die—or trip

An expedition, accompanied by two adventurous chefs, yielded plenty of wisdom about toxic species—and a handful of beautiful purple blewits.