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What would it look like for Aaron Peskin to be mayor? Ask Bob’s Donuts

The Bob’s Donuts Affair shows us how capricious an Aaron Peskin mayoral administration would be.

Cellphone bans are the right thing for students, but a no-win for public school teachers

The stark divide on cellphone use highlights inequities in education. It’s time for the tech giants that profit from kids’ addiction to step up.

Why are Silicon Valley leaders sticking with Biden? Blame the ‘cult of the founder’

Reid Hoffman is urging Dems to double down on a faltering president, rather than let his investment go to zero. Is it time to cash out?

Academy of Science is cutting dozens of jobs, mine included. SF should ask why

As execs rake in bonuses, beloved planetarium shows and school programs face the axe. Is mismanagement dimming the city’s brightest scientific light?