Mike Ege

Palo Alto native Mike Ege has been following San Francisco politics for over 25 years, and brings that perspective to the Standard’s City Hall desk and newsletters. Previously Mike covered policy and politics at the Bay City Beacon, worked as a housing activist, moderated The Wall, a popular message board on city politics, and worked at the San Francisco Daily Journal on the commercial side for over a decade. His other passions include film and photography, and arguing about the quality of the city's cigar lounges and cheesesteaks.

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Board of Supervisors Preview: JFK Meets its Fate, Plus Affordable Housing and Permit Appeals

After weighing in on car-free JFK Drive, supervisors will consider another property purchase under Project Homekey, a Treasure Island development and more.

SF Redistricting Drama Heads to Finale as New Map is Adopted

After weeks of turmoil, Redistricting Task Force members remain split. But a final draft map for the supervisor districts was approved Thursday night.

Rumors Swirl Around Matt Haney’s Replacement—Honey Mahogany Could Make History in a Fast-Changing District

Whomever Mayor Breed appoints to replace Sacramento-bound Haney will have to run again in November in a district that may look drastically different.

Board of Supes in 3 Mins: A Homelessness Policy Skirmish

Supervisors made major decisions on police procedure and a future training facility for the San Francisco Fire Department at an hour-long Election Day meeting. Meanwhile, lines were drawn in an ongoing fight over homelessness policy.

Chaos Again Engulfs Effort to Draw New District Lines After 2 a.m. Walkout

A 19-hour Redistriicting Task Force meeting adjourned at 5:40 a.m. after heated public comment.

Board of Supervisors Preview: New Rules for Cops, New Digs for Firefighters

The board will likely approve new protections for crime victims, buy a training site from a real estate giant, and try to save Date Night in the Fillmore.

Board of Supervisors in 4 Minutes: No Call, No Show, a New Police Commissioner and Having a ‘CoW’ over JFK

A lapse in leadership leads to an absentee leader. Plus, the supervisors discuss reopening JFK to cars, tearing down the Kearny Street bridge and reforming the city’s procurement process.

Effort to Oust Task Force Members Turns Citizen-led Redistricting Into Partisan War

Attacks on the work of the Redistricting Task Force threaten to jeopardize the non-partisan integrity of the body, along with that of the Elections Commission.

Redistricting Gets Uglier: Commission to Meet Friday on Whether to Remove 3 Task Force Members

The commission moved to convene a special meeting to consider removal of three members of a redistricting task force who drew the ire of progressive political groups.

Miserable Together, Happy Apart: Why Redistricting Has Grown So Heated

The redistricting process is supposed to be non-political, but what really matters to many is who can get reelected.