Sarah Wright

Sarah is a housing and transportation reporter at The San Francisco Standard. She has worked as a local journalist in Washington, D.C., and in Half Moon Bay, where she served as the Half Moon Bay Review's first deputy editor, covering the COVID-19 pandemic response and the biggest wildfire in a century in San Mateo County. Originally from Lake Tahoe, Sarah is an avid outdoorswoman and now lives in the Inner Richmond. Sarah can be reached at [email protected]

110 Articles Published

On the Great Highway, Competing Visions for San Francisco’s Future

Supervisor Mar is planning a move to solidify the current weekend closure. By 2023, the road could be closed for good.

Confidence in City Hall is Low, SF Standard Poll Finds

New poll numbers show San Franciscans think City Hall is doing a poor job, but most plan to stay put anyway.

Turning Downtown Offices Into Housing Isn’t the Solution You Think It Is

Thousands of floors of office space have been sitting empty for the last two years. But converting that space to housing is a project that very few are willing to take on.

Worry Spreads Over Fate of Other Civil Rights as SF Reacts to Supreme Court Draft Decision Overturning Roe

City and state leaders denounced the potential ruling, with Gov. Gavin Newsom moving to enshrine the right to an abortion in California’s Constitution. 

San Francisco Has Hundreds of ‘Historic Places’ and Landmarks. How Does That Work?

Historic sites approved for federal, state or local registries are subject to certain restrictions on new development.

‘Covid Wiped Us Out’: SFMTA Director Seeks to Restore Trust in the System

SFMTA Director Jeffrey Tumlin has two years to figure out how to fix a hole in its budget, and says his focus is rebuilding trust in a transit network that suffered massive setbacks in the pandemic.

Masks Are Back on BART: Directors Vote to Reinstate Mandate 

After a judge struck down the federal mask mandate last week, the regional transit agency created its own mandate.

It’s Official: Supervisors Vote 7-4 in Favor of Car-Free JFK Drive

After reviewing an equity study and Chan’s competing proposal, the supervisors voted to keep the road closed to cars permanently.

JFK Drive: 5 Big Things to Know About Today’s Hearing 

Here’s what you need to know about the joint hearing to decide if the 1.5-mile road in Golden Gate Park should remain closed to vehicles.

Supervisors to Decide Fate of JFK Drive at Tuesday Meeting

The Board of Supervisors is expected to vote on two competing proposals regarding car access to JFK Drive in Golden Gate Park.