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Organizes the City and State for Racial and Environmental Justice

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Jackie Fielder 

Organizes the City and State for Racial and Environmental Justice
Written by Jeremy Mann
Published Jul. 03, 2022 • 9:43am

Politicized during the 2014 Black Lives Matter demonstrations, Jackie Fielder has dedicated her life to organizing for racial and environmental justice. An Indigenous and Latina organizer and educator from Long Beach, Jackie lives in The Mission and considers herself a member of the wave of young, progressive politicians fighting to wrest power away from corporations and return it to the people. 

Following the police crackdown on the No Dakota Access Pipeline protestors on her ancestral lands, Jackie co-founded the San Francisco Public Bank Coalition to fight for the divestment of city funds from the Wall Street banks that fund pipeline expansions.

Never content to work on just one thing, Jackie also co-managed the 2018 No on Prop H Campaign, which fought an expansive SFPD use of force policy. In 2020, Jackie launched a grassroots State Senate campaign. Though she didn’t win, Jackie parlayed the political clout she gained to co-found Daybreak PAC, which endorses corporate-free, grassroots candidates for California state office. 

Today, Jackie serves as the co-director of Stop The Money Pipeline, which advocates to hold the financial backers of climate change accountable, and as a commissioner on the Local Agency Formation Commission.

When asked how she continues to access hope despite key setbacks in environmental and reproductive rights, Jackie points to organizing victories in Ecuador and Colombia that seemed unimaginable just 30 years ago. “It’s become clear that this is an evolution way longer than an election cycle, even three election cycles,” she said. And regardless of developments in federal politics, Jackie stays focused on transforming local politics so the unimaginable becomes reality. “It’s all part of the marathon.”

Photos by Camille Cohen

Jackie Fielder - portrait

Special powers

Enjoys reading lengthy policy reports.

Arch enemies

Hopelessness, despair and burnout.


Introversion, shyness and social anxiety.


Strong Indigenous matriarchs and progressive political agitators.

Current mission

Enabling people to have the resources they need to actualize their lives.

'My lineage is … in the movement around every day people running for office, and in San Francisco, the agitators who won’t settle for a corrupt form of politics.'
Jackie Fielder - portrait