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Standard readers vent their rage about soaring PG&E bills

An older person with gray hair speaks at a podium in a hall filled with attendees.
Mary M. Zhu, 84, of San Francisco, delivers a comment at the California Public Utilities Commission Voting Meeting in San Francisco on Thursday. | Source: Jungho Kim for The Standard

By Standard readers

In the wake of our recent stories about PG&E rate increases and customer rage, The Standard is publishing a selection of readers’ comments about the utility with their permission. The responses have been lightly edited for clarity and brevity.

The rates are out of control

When I worked at PG&E off and on for more than a decade, the usual explanation for the [California Public Utilities Commission] acronym was "the California PG&E Commission." It’s gotten worse. The rates are—by any measure—out of control, and always are twice the national average. Does anyone care? Note that all, repeat all, municipally owned electric utilities in California average half PG&E's rate. Why do you think PG&E battles the creation of municipal utilities? One guess.

—Sidney Orr

Help us

My PG&E bill in 2019 was $200 to $250 dollars a month. Now, in January 2024, it’s $495, and I'm on a fixed income, retired and fed up with our money-hungry society. May Jesus help us.

—Richard Ramirez

Solar STAT!

Commercial building owner here. In 3 to 4 years, our building usage is about the same. Bills used to average $3,000 are now $6,000. Solar can't get installed fast enough!

—Chris Barry

Solutions exist

What people need to do is focus on using less energy. I live in a 100-year-old San Francisco Marina-style house, pretty much in original condition. My PG&E bills went up from $36 to $38. Now, I'm certainly an exception, but my point is having a "reasonable" energy bill is possible. In my opinion, the people complaining don't want to take any action to change their habits to find a solution to reduce their use.

—Michael Nader

‘Asinine’ rate hikes

The PG&E bill for my physical therapy business has nearly tripled since the beginning of the year 2024! It's completely outrageous. They declared bankruptcy and now want to pass along their losses from the horrific wildfires in Northern California. And the CPUC just approves what they ask for? What is wrong with this picture? Sounds like PG&E also wants to push forward with even more rate hikes. This is not acceptable or sustainable for small businesses like mine. As a physical therapy clinic, I use modalities and have to pay more for electricity now that they've hiked their rates. It's astounding that the CPUC is going right along with them by approving such asinine hikes!

—Marc Joseph Rabideau

Boycott, anyone?

We need to be heard. All PG&E ratepayers should pay their April bill 3 weeks late!  Boycott this evil monster.

—Lyle Sweeney

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