2022 Elections

Hella News: Wait, What Happened on Election Day?

San Francisco voters are exhausted after the city held its third election of the year Tuesday. Here’s a quick rundown of results.

Boudin recall

June 2022 Local Election Results & Interactive Maps

Check here at 8:45 PM to see live results and interactive maps for local races, including the DA recall and all local propositions.

Electionpalooza: Why SF Voters May Go to the Polls 4 Times This Year

Still confused by the multitude of local elections this year? This is the TL;DR version of how we got here.

Endorsements: Who’s Supporting Who in the Feb. 15 SF Special Election?

The Standard took a look at where political groups in San Francisco are throwing their support or opposition ahead of the Feb. 15 special election.

Explainer: Breaking Down San Francisco’s Bizarre Feb. 15 Special Election

In the first heat of a marathon election year, SF voters have the option to remove up to three school board members, as well as elect the city’s assessor-recorder and a state assemblymember.