Fourplex Bill Passes, But Won’t Create Much Housing

San Francisco homeowners can now build four units on a lot, and up to six on corner lots, but only if they meet a strict list of requirements.

Despite Reforms, San Francisco Is Building Fewer Homes Now Than Before

The city is still falling far short of building enough homes to meet demand, and the future doesn’t look promising either.

Video by Mike Kuba

Muni is Getting in the Housing Game. Will the Politics of Affordability Kill Its Plans?

A Potrero Yard housing project may be the first of many as the struggling agency eyes the real estate business. But housing politics could make or break Muni’s plan.

Breed’s Housing Measure Heads to November Ballot, While a Competing Proposal Looms

Mayor London Breed’s housing will qualify for a November election, but it’s one of potentially several housing-related measures voters may be asked to consider this fall.

LGBTQ+ Prioritize Housing, Diversity at Highest Rates: SF Voter Poll

San Francisco’s LGBTQ+ community faces huge economic hurdles but has more faith in the city’s future thanks to its diversity.

Housing, Education in SF Could Get a Big Boost From State’s $97 Billion Budget Surplus

Gov. Newsom’s latest spending plan also includes $18 billion in tax refunds for ‘inflation relief.’

Turning Downtown Offices Into Housing Isn’t the Solution You Think It Is

Thousands of floors of office space have been sitting empty for the last two years. But converting that space to housing is a project that very few are willing to take on.

Hella News: Why San Francisco Can’t Build More Housing

The city needs to build 82,000 units of housing by 2031, but San Francisco looks like it might be at risk of failing to meet this goal.

Board of Supervisors in 3 Minutes: Rent Relief, Retaliation, and Transparency

Supervisors are set to approve more rent relief, address property-related political drama, and call for greater transparency in property records.

Blocked Downtown Project Emerges as Sticking Point in AD17 Race

A contested housing project at 469 Stevenson Street features in a mailer attacking candidate David Campos.