‘Covid Wiped Us Out’: SFMTA Director Seeks to Restore Trust in the System

SFMTA Director Jeffrey Tumlin has two years to figure out how to fix a hole in its budget, and says his focus is rebuilding trust in a transit network that suffered massive setbacks in the pandemic.

It’s Official: Supervisors Vote 7-4 in Favor of Car-Free JFK Drive

After reviewing an equity study and Chan’s competing proposal, the supervisors voted to keep the road closed to cars permanently.

BART Board President Calls for Introduction of Regionwide Mask Mandate on Transit

Rebecca Saltzman spoke at a virtual town hall advocating for high-risk riders.

Mask Wars: Every San Franciscan For Themselves as Mask Mandate Lifted

No more masks on transit means drivers and riders take Covid protection in their own hands.

Muni Stays Free for All San Francisco Youth Under Expanded Pilot—for Now

Youth transportation advocates worried a turbulent recovery for SFMTA would kill the hard-fought program.

Go Slow: SFMTA Cuts Speed Limits for a Dozen More Streets 

Citing safety concerns, the transit agency hopes to lower speed limits on many more popular corridors citywide.

SFMTA, BART Lift Mask Mandates Following Decision By Federal Judge

A court decision by a federal judge in Florida vacated the CDC’s masking mandate, leaving local agencies scrambling.

CDC Says Two More Weeks of Masking on Transit, At Least

Local transit agencies are likely to follow suit and extend mask mandates through May 3.

No Joke: After Years of Delay, Van Ness BRT Opens to Fanfare

Finally, buses will shuttle transit riders north-south down Van Ness Avenue in a fire-red, car-free center lane.

Central Subway Likely To Be Delayed Yet Again, Federal Monitor Says

Transit line connecting Chinatown and SoMa has long been a target of criticism