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Fleet Week photos of the USS Fitzgerald and USS Princeton

A naval officer observes the crowds gathered to tour the USS Fitzgerald and the USS Princeton from the deck of the USS Princeton, which is docked at Piers 30-32 in the Bayside Village/Embarcadero area of San Francisco under the Bay Bridge on Thursday, Oct. 6, 2022. | Camille Cohen/The Standard

Anyone who knows anything about Fleet Week may associate the early October event with the thunderous roar of The Blue Angels. But the tradition is meant to honor the entirety of the United States Armed Forces.

Thursday afternoon, as the cobalt fighter jets soared high above the city, hundreds of locals stood in line at Piers 30 and 32, waiting for a tour of some of the United States Navy’s most impressive seafaring vessels.

A number of ships in the Navy’s Pacific Fleet are currently docked in the Port of San Francisco and open to the public through Monday, Oct. 10. They include the USS Harpers Ferry, a 610-foot dock landing ship; the USS Princeton, a 567-food large combat vessel; the USS Fitzgerald, a 505-foot Arleigh Burke-class destroyer; the USS Kansas City, a 377-foot Independence-class littoral combat ship; and the USCGC Terrell Horne, a Coast Guard cutter.

The Standard sent a photographer out to the scene on Thursday, Oct. 6, to capture images from the USS Princeton and the USS Fitzgerald. Click on the gallery above to get a peek.

If you want to get an even closer look, click here to purchase tickets for an in-person tour.

Photos by Camille Cohen.