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Tesla smashes into rocks below Highway 1

White Tesla smashed on rocks off of Highway 1.
A Tesla plunged off Highway 1 near Devil's Slide. | San Mateo Sheriff's Department

A Tesla carrying two adults and two children went over the side of Highway 1 near the notoriously dangerous Devil's Slide stretch in San Mateo County on Monday morning.

Cal Fire said witnesses saw the Tesla plunge hundreds of feet to the beach below and called 911. All four occupants miraculously survived, officials said.

"Two adults suffered non-life-threatening injuries and two children were unharmed," the San Mateo Sheriff's Office said.

A first responder said damage to the vehicle indicated that it hit the beach and then flipped.

Multiple air ambulances responded to the scene. As rescuers descended the cliff, through binoculars they saw movement in the front seat and knew that at least one person had survived, said Battalion Chief Brian Pottenger in a Twitter video.

Rescue helicopters respond to the crash off of Highway 1. | San Mateo Sheriff's Office

"We were actually very shocked when we found survivable victims in the vehicle," Pottenger said.

Some of the crash victims were then hoisted by helicopter to the top for treatment.

The stretch of Highway 1 where the Tesla plunged to the rocks is notorious for accidents, with numerous incidents over the years where vehicles have plummeted over the cliffs near the Tom Lantos tunnel.