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California man run over, dies after alleged catalytic converter theft fails

A shopping mall entrance on 10th Street West in Palmdale | Google Street View

A man died after being run over by a car he was allegedly trying to steal a catalytic converter from.

Palmdale Sheriff’s deputies responded to a retail parking lot located on 10th Street West, in Palmdale, a city north of Los Angeles.

Deputies saw a 4×4 Ford Excursion partially backed out of a parking space when they arrived, and another smaller vehicle in the parking space next to it. They also saw a man lying on the ground, later identified as a grand theft suspect, who was run over by the victim.

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The victim was asleep inside of the 4×4 Ford Excursion when a smaller vehicle pulled up next to it with four suspects inside—two males and two females.

One of the male suspects exited the smaller vehicle and allegedly began sawing off the Ford Excursion‘s catalytic converter. The victim woke up from the sound, turned the car on, put the vehicle in reverse and felt a bump as if she had ran something over.

She stopped immediately, leaving the suspect on the ground after running him over. The female victim called 911 to get medical assistance for the suspect.

Deputies arrived on scene and detained the three remaining suspects. The injured suspect was transported via ambulance to Antelope Valley Hospital, where he was pronounced dead.

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