This Week in Civics: Buy Local, Eat Imperfect Food, Figure Out Inflation

Plus, there are so many things to do in Bayview-Hunter’s Point this week.

Running Joke: Bay to Breakers Returns, Goofiness and All

However you may think of it—a legitimate footrace, a festival of public peeing—Bay to Breakers channels SF’s spirit like almost nothing else.

SF First Responder Museum Remembers the City’s Firefighters, Police, Ambulance Drivers and More

The recently rebranded First Responder Museum and Learning Center reopened this week with a new name and a broader dedication to all first responders. 

Breed on the Brink: At the Edge of Voter Approval, Mayor Faces a Risky Few Months

With an approval rating just shy of 50% according to the Standard Poll, Mayor London Breed faces political tests this November and beyond

Play Dates: Climb Walls, Solve Mysteries, Bounce Around and Have Fun in SF

Follow The Standard’s new map to arcades, bowling, mini golf, VR and more fun and games in the city.

Perspective: The Only People Served by Prop. C Are the Politicians Who Placed It on the Ballot

This is an antidemocratic power grab masquerading as reform. It serves to protect politicians instead of addressing voter discontent.

Police Beat a Man During a Minor Traffic Stop. Now SF Is Paying Out $375K Amid Calls for Reform

SF police beat a man during a 2019 traffic stop in North Beach, and the incident is now being seen as an example of why police should end the use of pretextual stops.

Five Takeaways on ‘The Tenderloin Center’, the City’s Safe Consumption Site

A breakdown of The Standard’s report about a linkage center that quickly evolved into a de-facto safe consumption site.

Housing, Education in SF Could Get a Big Boost From State’s $97 Billion Budget Surplus

Gov. Newsom’s latest spending plan also includes $18 billion in tax refunds for ‘inflation relief.’

New State Law For Alcohol Servers Could Leave Many Non-English Speakers Out of Luck

An estimated one million workers would need to be certified under the law in the next three months. So far, only 2% of those workers have been.

Supes Spar Over How to Get Every Homeless San Franciscan into a Shelter: ‘The Streets Cannot be a Waiting Room’

Mandelman says amendments will undermine his effort to get the city to stick to an important deadline.

Perspective: Let’s Topple the Housing Monuments of Our Racist Past, Starting with St. Francis Wood

The wealthiest neighborhoods in SF should not be exempt from housing laws.

On the Great Highway, Competing Visions for San Francisco’s Future

Supervisor Mar is planning a move to solidify the current weekend closure. By 2023, the road could be closed for good.

Julia Bullock Centers Black Women Composers in ‘History’s Persistent Voice’ at SF Symphony

The ever-evolving programming block brings works by Jessie Montgomery, Carolyn Yarnell and Pamela Z to Davies Symphony Hall.

Silver Findings: 5 Reasons for Optimism about SF

SF voters have made their displeasure known. But The Standard’s poll also shows that life in the city is not all bad.

Hella News: The Standard’s Voter Poll Finds San Franciscans Are Fed Up

Every elected official in the city—from DA Boudin and Mayor Breed to the Board of Supervisors—should be on notice: Negative approval ratings are surging.

Hayward Superintendent Picked to Lead SF Public Schools

Matt Wayne faces the daunting task of healing a ‘wounded’ district, administrators union president said.

As Lowell Grapples With Admission Policy, Other Cities Offer Lessons on How to Balance Merit and Diversity

Lowell High has polarized S.F. in a winner-take-all fight to the finish, pitting merit-based admissions against a lottery to make the elite school more diverse.

SF Voters Lean Away from Progressive Policies as Homelessness and Public Safety Shape Opinions

The SF Standard Voter Poll shows the big challenges facing local officials in the post-Covid era of insecurity.

This Weekend: Bay to Breakers, a ‘Seinfeld’ Food Truck, Kurt Vile and a ‘Sound of Music’ Sing-a-Long

Plus, ‘Mortified Live’ encourages participants to tell their most embarrassing stories from adolescence and a cocktail class teaches you how to mix things up with a little heat.

Much-Touted ‘Tenderloin Linkage Center’ Morphs into a Safe Consumption Site for Drug Use, Despite Legal Risks

City officials have quietly dropped the word “linkage” from the title, but the change is about much more than a word.

Key Findings from the First San Francisco Standard Voter Poll

An in-depth study investigates support for June ballot measures, municipal policies, City Hall and city life in 2022.

As Booster Shots Lag, Community Groups Get Creative in Closing Vaccination Gaps 

Despite the city’s success in encouraging vaccination, stubborn disparities persist along racial lines in use of Covid booster shots.

Dorsey Seeks to Unify Opposing Sides of the Hotly-Contested Addiction Debate

The new District 6 Supervisor said he aims to find a meeting point between criminal justice and harm reduction, and supports both safe consumption sites and conservatorship under some circumstances.

Asian-Focused Film Festival Returns to SF With Features, Shorts, Documentaries and More

The Center for Asian American Media’s annual film festival hosts its first in-person gathering since the onset of the pandemic.

SF Standard Poll: DA Chesa Boudin Faces Grim Odds in Recall Election

An exclusive poll by The Standard found that first-term District Attorney Chesa Boudin seems likely to be out of a job before the end of his first term.

Confidence in City Hall is Low, SF Standard Poll Finds

New poll numbers show San Franciscans think City Hall is doing a poor job, but most plan to stay put anyway.

Board of Ed Recap: Layoffs All But Lose Steam, Bond Overseers Demand Transparency, Juneteenth Recognized

In a lengthy public comment period, teachers, students and other community members aired grievances and voiced concerns.

Majority of San Franciscans Ready to Return to Pre-Pandemic Life, SF Standard Polling Finds

Covid cases have started to rise again locally, but many San Franciscans are ready for normal life to resume.

44% of San Francisco Voters Plan to Leave the City, SF Standard Poll Finds

Homelessness, cost of living issues and rising crime were the top reported issues leading voters to consider leaving the city.

San Franciscans Have Mixed Feelings on Local Schools, Poll Finds

Respondents to a recent poll indicated that they weren’t exactly satisfied with the city’s public education system, but also signaled support for giving schools more money.

Asian American Voters Most Likely to Support Recall of DA Chesa Boudin, The Standard’s Voter Poll Finds

The Standard’s new poll found that 67% of Asian voters were in favor of the recall, which was significantly higher than other racial groups.

Board of Supes in 4 Mins: Mr. Dorsey Goes to City Hall, Preston Pesters Breed on Housing

The new guy witnesses a ‘PROXY’ battle over housing policy and more reproach over redistricting.

Supervisor Stefani Endorses Recall of DA Chesa Boudin

The supervisor could be a potential candidate for the job if San Francisco’s progressive prosecutor is recalled in June.

Tax-Free Stock from Wealthy Individuals Helps Fuel Recall of DA Chesa Boudin

Four individuals have given almost $900,000 worth of stock directly to the committee in charge of recalling SF District Attorney Chesa Boudin. The reason they gave stock instead of cash is unknown, but one reason could be to avoid paying a capital gains tax.

Turning Downtown Offices Into Housing Isn’t the Solution You Think It Is

Thousands of floors of office space have been sitting empty for the last two years. But converting that space to housing is a project that very few are willing to take on.

Showing at CAAMFest, ‘Like A Rolling Stone’ Chronicles Ben Fong-Torres, the Birth of Rock & Roll Journalism

No sex. Only a smattering of drugs. Mostly rock & roll. The new documentary by local filmmaker, Suzanne Joe Kai, is now streaming on Netflix and showing next week at CAAMFest.

Future of Priceless Diego Rivera Mural in Limbo as City College Struggles to Right its Finances

‘Pan American Unity’ has a beautiful new home at SFMOMA. But how—and when—will it return to CCSF?

Supervisors Preview: Housing Hopes and Headaches, and the New Guy

District 6 Supervisor Matt Dorsey’s first board meeting includes a possible clash between Breed, Preston over housing.

Mayor Breed Taps Matt Dorsey, a Police Spokesperson and Longtime Civil Servant, to Lead District 6

Dorsey said he was driven by his personal experience in addiction recovery and by watching a fentanyl epidemic take hold.

This Week in Civics: Rethink Sex, Graffiti With Mom and #StopAsianHate

Plus, find out how San Francisco plans to serve its homeless population at Manny’s town hall.

Cantonese, Hunan, Szechuan, Oh My! A Primer on SF’s Many Styles of Chinese Cuisine

It’s Asian/Pacific American Heritage Month. Celebrate San Francisco’s cultural tapestry by trying some new flavors.

At Play in Crissy Field

Follow our map to what’s new, what’s old and what’s coming soon in San Francisco’s adventure-filled waterfront park.

The Symbolism of Chesa Boudin: How the National Media is Playing the DA Recall

We read all the stories so you don’t have to.

‘We Are Cannibalizing Ourselves’: City College Finalizes 38 Layoffs Despite Outcry From Students and Staff

Nearly 400 individuals attended the May 6 meeting and over 100 public commenters spoke out against the proposed cuts to the beleaguered community college.

SF’s Budget Includes ‘Enterprise Departments’. Here’s What That Means

These revenue-generating departments make up roughly half of San Francisco’s budget in a typical year, but some got hit hard by Covid.

Battle for Police Reform: To Reduce Racial Disparities, SFPD May Ban Minor Traffic Stops

Police Commissioner Max Carter-Oberstone calls for an end to ‘pretextual stops’ as part of a growing national movement.

5 Takeaways From ‘The Paper Dreams of Harry Chin,’ Which Unpacks Chinese American Immigrant Trauma

On the 140th anniversary of the Chinese Exclusion Act, the San Francisco Playhouse stages a play about family, identity and intergenerational trauma.

Recology Backtracks on Fighting Garbage Rate Reform in SF, Will Now Back June Ballot Measure

Recology spent nearly $400,000 on an ill-fated attempt to undercut reform. Now the firm is backing the measure it sought to water down.

Photos: How SF Promoter Bill Graham Built a Rock & Roll Empire and Changed the Music Industry in the Process

‘Into the Mystic’ takes on the life and times of the San Francisco legend, who worked behind and in front of the curtain to change the face of the music industry.

SF Upgraded to Yellow Risk Tier as Covid Cases Soar

A new subvariant of Omicron called BA.2.12.1 may be responsible for an uptick in cases in San Francisco, which has among the highest infection rates of any county in the state.

​​What To Do With All That Anger? Abortion Rights Actions in San Francisco

You might be feeling some kind of way about the possible repeal of Roe v. Wade. Here are a few places you can put that anxious energy while we wait.

Deputy Sup. of SF Public Schools Poised to Leave for Top Education Job in Berkeley District

Enikia Ford Morthel would be the third top administrator to leave SFUSD this year as principals and educators step down.

Brunch is Basic, Bubbles Are Banal: 6 Mother’s Day Alternatives That Don’t Involve Belgians and Brut

Your mom can eat griddle cakes and catch a buzz any day of the week. Take her on a real adventure, for goodness sake.

June Propositions: Everything You Should Know Before You Vote

On June 7, San Franciscans will vote on eight policy questions. Some seem pretty simple, but are much more complicated than they appear.

Hella News: Why San Francisco Can’t Build More Housing

The city needs to build 82,000 units of housing by 2031, but San Francisco looks like it might be at risk of failing to meet this goal.

Celebrated Plan to Close SF’s Juvenile Hall in Tatters as City Moves to Build New Facility

Supervisors’ 2019 commitment to swap the previous 150-bed juvenile detention center with a less punitive facility has gone unfulfilled.

This Weekend: Celebrate Cinco de Mayo With Frida Kahlo, Lowriders and Salsa Lessons, Plus Much More

San Francisco marks Cinco de Mayo, but that’s not all. You can also check out After Dark at the Exploratorium and Free Comic Book Day.

Perspective: Introducing the ‘Burrito Plan,’ One Way to Safety on Valencia Street

The Mission District thoroughfare is SF’s transit issues in microcosm, but rideshare, cyclists and commercial trucks aren’t going anywhere. So what do we do?

In Letter to Boudin, Humboldt County Links Tenderloin Drug Sales to Rise in Local Fentanyl Cases

The Humboldt County Board of Supervisors alleged that local law enforcement traced drug activity back to San Francisco’s Tenderloin district.

#MeToo 2.0: SF Teens Organize to Challenge Status Quo of High School Sexual Assault Policies

Students from public and private schools in San Francisco are developing support networks and a comprehensive training toolkit.

‘We’re Teachers, Not Accountants’: SF School District Teachers Frustrated as Payroll Issues Persist

Local teachers gather outside San Francisco Unified School District offices calling on administration to fix payroll problems faster.

Where San Francisco Stacks Up Among California Counties in State Covid Metrics

San Francisco ranks at the top of the state among counties with the highest average daily Covid infections.

Perspective: Gov. Newsom’s Proposed CARE Courts Are Political Theater, Not a Solution to the Homelessness Crisis

There are insufficient treatment beds to make conservatorship work, and navigating the system is all but impossible for people battling substance abuse.

‘We’re Here to Fight’: Hundreds March in San Francisco Following Leak of Roe Opinion Draft

Protesters gathered near City Hall a day after the leak of a draft Supreme Court decision overturning the landmark Roe v. Wade abortion rights legislation.

City College Faculty Stage Sleep-In Ahead of Layoff Vote

The faculty union disputes the need for layoffs amid a delicate financial landscape for the beleaguered City College of San Francisco.

Four Ways to Celebrate ‘May the 4th Be With You’ in San Francisco

Don’t be a nerf herder. Enjoy ‘Star Wars Day’ with stripping stormtroopers, a Darth Vader-approved drag show and a ‘Chewbacca roar’ contest.

SF Companies Respond to Supreme Court Draft Opinion Overturning Roe v. Wade

Yelp called on fellow businesses to provide equal access to reproductive health care regardless of where employees are based.

Anti-Abortion Activist Scales Salesforce Tower, Detained at the Top

San Francisco Fire was on the scene as a climber tried to scale the 1,070-foot Salesforce Tower.

Worry Spreads Over Fate of Other Civil Rights as SF Reacts to Supreme Court Draft Decision Overturning Roe

City and state leaders denounced the potential ruling, with Gov. Gavin Newsom moving to enshrine the right to an abortion in California’s Constitution. 

San Francisco Has Hundreds of ‘Historic Places’ and Landmarks. How Does That Work?

Historic sites approved for federal, state or local registries are subject to certain restrictions on new development.

Board of Supervisors in 4 Minutes: Suspense, Frustration and Honors

The Board speaks out on the SCOTUS decision, honors the City’s Asian and Pacific Islander community… and has an empty seat.

Perspective: Remembering Michael Gosney, a Futurist, Eco-Pioneer, and San Franciscan Par Excellence

A true visionary left this world for the “Backplane” at age 68 on April 28.

Channel Your Inner Spider-Man (Legally) By Rappelling 46 Floors at the ‘Skyline Challenge’

Free soloing local skyscrapers is dangerous and against the rules. The ‘City Skyline Challenge’ gives San Franciscans the chance to test their fear of heights for a good cause.

San Francisco Poised to Jump Into Higher CDC Covid Risk Tier This Week

The city would join Marin, San Mateo and Santa Cruz counties in the agency’s medium risk category amid a recent uptick in Bay Area cases.

Let’s Go Fly a Kite: Celebrate the 21st Birthday of Crissy Field, SF’s Fun-Filled Front Yard

See the photos that show how a rundown airstrip has become one of San Francisco’s most beloved city parks.

Public Works Estimates $23M Increase in Cleaning Costs, Grapples with Department Split

Public Works says it needs an enhanced budget for sanitation as it faces a costly, voter-mandated spinoff into a new sanitation department.

Board of Supervisors Preview: Sharing the Wealth and Police Funding

An agenda light on ordinances focuses on grants, plus two Police Commissioners are set for reappointment.

‘Covid Wiped Us Out’: SFMTA Director Seeks to Restore Trust in the System

SFMTA Director Jeffrey Tumlin has two years to figure out how to fix a hole in its budget, and says his focus is rebuilding trust in a transit network that suffered massive setbacks in the pandemic.

Airbnb’s Shift to Remote Work Is Another Hit to SF’s Struggling Office Market 

Airbnb joins Salesforce, Yelp and other tech firms in reducing its local footprint in another bad omen for the city’s downtown core.

This Week In Civics: Cycle Smart, Compost Smart and Show the Mission Some Love

Plus, join the city’s native residents as San Francisco and the nation acknowledges our missing Indigenous women and girls.

Kathy Boudin, Former Weather Underground Member and Mother of SF DA Chesa Boudin, Dies of Cancer

Chesa Boudin has often cited the story of his mother’s incarceration as a key influence on his view of the criminal justice system.

Playing With the Tides: How San Francisco’s Iconic Wave Organ Sings

Twenty-five concrete pipes capture the sounds of the ocean’s waves. The result is an ethereal melody.

Beloved Green Apple Books Turns Page on Covid, Celebrates Independent Bookstore Day

As the city dials back Covid restrictions and mask mandates, San Franciscans can appreciate local independent bookstores in ways they haven’t been able to over the past two years.

Get Lost in the Stacks: A Guide to SF’s Independent Bookstores

Celebrate Independent Bookstore Day by flipping through our guide to find a new favorite bookseller.

ICYMI: Editors’ April Picks for Weekend Reading

As you ease into your weekend—and into the next month—make some time to curl up…

Despite Political Drama, Redistricting May Yield Few Changes in November Election

According to veteran politicos, the city’s new district map will produce few concrete changes in the next round of supervisor races.

Urban Alchemy Worker Shot in SF’s Tenderloin District, Second Incident in Two Months

An employee of Urban Alchemy, a nonprofit whose “street ambassadors” patrol the city’s troubled Tenderloin…

Chesa Boudin recall maps
Mapping the Money in the DA Chesa Boudin Recall

The campaign to recall DA Chesa Boudin has raised twice as much money as those trying to stop the recall, though the latter have attracted far more individual donors, according to campaign finance data released Friday.

Garbage Fight Heats Up as Recology Rival Alleges Possible Pay-to-Play

Competitor Waste Management hopes to void the agreement, citing a donation solicited by a department head who later resigned.

Slow Jammed: Is SF Traffic Getting Back to Normal?

Bridges are bumping, freeways are creeping, and BART hits a post-pandemic peak as commuters return to San Francisco.

Bread + Butter: 5 New San Francisco Restaurants to Sink Your Teeth Into This Month

The recently opened Hilda and Jesse, Chuck’s Takeaway, Diamond Coffee n’ Pastry, Donaji and Banh Mi Viet are all worth a try.

For Recology, No-Bid Contracts Live on Despite Efforts to End Them

San Francisco is proposing a $26.5 million contract extension for the last sole source contract issued to the scandal-ridden trash company.

Perspective: California Nurses Urge a No Vote on the Chesa Boudin Recall

From ghost guns to ending cash bail to diversion programs, the district attorney understands the connections between restorative justice and public health.

Massive Asian American Cultural Center Planned Near Portsmouth Square, Chinatown’s ‘Living Room’

With community support and a huge injection of state funding, Edge on the Square will cement the changing neighborhood’s status as the ‘heartbeat of Asian America.’

Finally, a Map: Redistricting Saga Over (For Now) After Divisive Vote

Deliberation over the map went quickly—relative to the typical hours-long meetings— amid reproachful comments, threats of litigation

Masks Are Back on BART: Directors Vote to Reinstate Mandate 

After a judge struck down the federal mask mandate last week, the regional transit agency created its own mandate.

Hella News: The War Over JFK Drive Is Finally Over

In the second episode of Hella News, co-hosts Meaghan Mitchell and Josh Koehn discuss the controversial fight over keeping a road in San Francisco’s Golden Gate Park car-free.

Mayor Breed Cheers Google’s New SF Office Amid Pretty Meh Return-to-Work Numbers

The search giant is launching a partnership with the Golden Gate Restaurant Association to provide discounts to downtown restaurants for employees.

This Weekend: Independent Bookstore Day, Open Studios, Noodles and Ube

Plus: A beautiful San Francisco photo book, a glowing tribute to Chinatown, a queer pool tournament and more.

Memorial for Pioneering SF Judge Harry Low Inspires Big Turnout

The first Asian American judge in Northern California’s history played an integral role in uplifting the community in San Francisco.

Francisco Park Opens, Offering Glorious Views and a Community Gathering Place on Russian Hill

Positioned at the base of Russian Hill, Francisco Park will be the first new park in the city’s center in 40 years.

Perspective: SF’s Redistricting Process Will Hurt the Nation’s First Transgender Cultural District

Separating SoMa from the Tenderloin is a serious blow to some of our most marginalized residents.

The Standard Top 25: The Nonprofits Getting the Most From SF’s $668M Homelessness Budget

The city’s homelessness department has doled out more than $268 million to nonprofits in the current fiscal year, amounting to more than $1 billion since 2018.

Board of Supervisors in 3 Minutes: After the JFK Face-off, Gimme Shelter

Another Homekey hotel buy, affordable housing on Treasure Island\ and a farewell to Matt Haney.

It’s Official: Supervisors Vote 7-4 in Favor of Car-Free JFK Drive

After reviewing an equity study and Chan’s competing proposal, the supervisors voted to keep the road closed to cars permanently.

Board of Education Rejects $4M Plan For New Virtual School

San Francisco Unified School District sought to meet remote learning demands with a new online-only school, but the school board cited concerns over cost and timing.

Lesbian Visibility Week: Mission District Bar Jolene’s Hosts Queer Pool Tournament

Play for a $50 bar tab at one of a handful of lesbian bars in the city.

Double Stuffed: Noodlefest and Ube Fest Conspire to Keep San Franciscans Full This Weekend

A pair of food festivals—one celebrating noodles, the other in honor of a sweet Filipino yam known as ube—are both on the menu Saturday.

Iconic Diego Rivera Mural the Focus of $200K Grant to San Francisco Art Institute

The funding will help preserve the art school’s famous fresco previously slated for sale to fix budget deficit.

Assaults on Muni Rose Last Year

While total crimes decreased on Muni, assault incidents spiked to 186 last year amid nationwide concerns about safety on public transit.

Local Jazz Veteran Kitty Margolis Gives First Post-Pandemic Performance in SF

The accomplished vocalist returns to San Francisco with a new quintet.

Grow SF Makes Embarrassing Chinese Translation Mistake in Billboard Attacking Supervisor Mar

Grow SF, one of San Francisco’s most politically active nonprofits, is taking down a billboard attacking Supervisor Gordon Mar because of errors in a translation to Chinese.

Take 3 Minutes to Understand Proposition C, Which Seeks to Limit the Frequency of Recalls in San Francisco

Prop. C is all about “recall reform”—narrowing the window in which recalls can occur and limiting the power of post-recall mayoral appointees. If that sounds confusing, you’re not alone. We break it down into simpler terms in this video explainer.

DA Boudin, Sen. Wiener Join Forces on State Bill to Bar Police From Misusing Victim DNA

SB 1228 is a statewide response to the district attorney revealing that San Francisco police used rape kit DNA to arrest a sexual assault survivor in an unrelated crime.

JFK Drive: 5 Big Things to Know About Today’s Hearing 

Here’s what you need to know about the joint hearing to decide if the 1.5-mile road in Golden Gate Park should remain closed to vehicles.

San Francisco’s Most Left-Wing District Saw a 26-Point Swing to the Moderate Side in Most Recent Election 

Results in San Francisco’s most progressive district might provide some clues on whether San Francisco voters are now favoring a more centrist approach to governance.

Typical Turnover or Cause for Concern? School District and Teachers Union Interpret Attrition Rates Differently

District officials say teacher resignations and retirement are consistent with recent trends, but union leaders have called it a crisis since the fall.

BART Board President Calls for Introduction of Regionwide Mask Mandate on Transit

Rebecca Saltzman spoke at a virtual town hall advocating for high-risk riders.

Board of Supervisors Preview: JFK Meets its Fate, Plus Affordable Housing and Permit Appeals

After weighing in on car-free JFK Drive, supervisors will consider another property purchase under Project Homekey, a Treasure Island development and more.

The Board of Education Has a Busy Week. Here’s a Roundup

Bond measure update, custodial staffing, outdoor learning, a student assignment and more.

Supervisors to Decide Fate of JFK Drive at Tuesday Meeting

The Board of Supervisors is expected to vote on two competing proposals regarding car access to JFK Drive in Golden Gate Park.

Elon Musk Buys Twitter: What Comes Next For the SF-Based Social App? 

Twitter’s board has approved a $44 billion deal that will make Elon Musk the sole owner of the social media site.

Interactive: Inside DA Chesa Boudin’s Office

All 350+ people who work at DA Chesa Boudin’s office, visualized in one interactive graphic.

This Week In Civics: Dine Out for Life, Start a Co-op, Get Outside

Plus, multiple opportunities to connect with San Francisco’s leaders from the comfort of your home.

‘Coming Soon’: A New Musical About Pursuing Better Sex & the Elusive Female Orgasm

Witty, raunchy and raw—audiences might be surprised to find a little sex ed in this new show.

When SF Voters Decide Whether to Recall the DA, They Will Also Weigh In on the Recall Process Itself

San Francisco voters already unseated three school board members, and they’ll soon decide on the district attorney’s fate. But even then, the debate over recalls isn’t stopping.

Battery Bluff Park Opens Up New Vistas in the Presidio

Check out the view from this previously inaccessible area, and other new outdoor spaces around SF for Earth Day.

‘Zoom Bombing’ Lawsuit Featuring San Francisco Church Strikes $85 Million Settlement

In May 2020, a Zoom bomber subjected a bible study class to repellent pornographic videos. The church and its fellow plaintiffs won a settlement described as groundbreaking.

David Campos Won’t Campaign in Assembly Election Rematch with Matt Haney

Fresh off a resounding defeat, David Campos confirmed Friday that he will not run an active campaign to challenge Matt Haney in a rematch of their state Assembly special election.

With More Enforcement Power Than Ever, State Relies on Housing Activists To Enforce Duplex Law

A handful of activists represent the bulk of the state’s enforcement of the law. That could change as the state housing agency hires more staff.

SF Martial Arts Icon Bruce Lee Used His Platform to Build Cross-Cultural Bridges

‘We Are Bruce Lee,’ a new exhibit at the Chinese Historical Society of America, illuminates the life and legacy of the San Francisco-born actor, teacher and cultural ambassador.

Matt Haney Shares Secrets to Assembly Victory, Rejects Criticism on Housing

Assemblymember-elect Matt Haney spoke with The Standard about his huge victory over David Campos, why he believes he has always been pro-housing and what comes next.

SF Redistricting Drama Heads to Finale as New Map is Adopted

After weeks of turmoil, Redistricting Task Force members remain split. But a final draft map for the supervisor districts was approved Thursday night.

Critic’s Picks: A Guide to the San Francisco International Film Festival’s In-Person Return

After spending two years online, the 65th installment of SFFilm-organized international film festival returns with a slate of movies and documentaries—many by women, non-binary and BIPOC directors.

Mask Wars: Every San Franciscan For Themselves as Mask Mandate Lifted

No more masks on transit means drivers and riders take Covid protection in their own hands.

‘They Were Outnumbered’: Urban Alchemy Workers Seek Help from Police

The confrontations this week involved a group of about seven Urban Alchemy workers and twice as many apparent drug dealers, according to a commissioner.

Muni Stays Free for All San Francisco Youth Under Expanded Pilot—for Now

Youth transportation advocates worried a turbulent recovery for SFMTA would kill the hard-fought program.

Introducing Hella News, SF’s First Comedy News Show

Episode One dives into census data to better understand San Francisco’s changing demographics.

Mike Tyson Punches His Way Out of San Francisco Airport After 420 Festival

TMZ published a video that appears to show Tyson unleashing a series of blows on another airplane passenger as they were preparing to depart from SFO.

Rumors Swirl Around Matt Haney’s Replacement—Honey Mahogany Could Make History in a Fast-Changing District

Whomever Mayor Breed appoints to replace Sacramento-bound Haney will have to run again in November in a district that may look drastically different.

The Green Grind: SF Cannabis Firms Call Out Taxes and Broken Promises

Five years into legalization, local operators say they are struggling against onerous regulation and a booming illicit market, while initiatives to reverse the damage of the war on drugs are falling flat.

This Weekend: Celebrate SF’s Earth Day Roots, Hella Plants and ‘Bawdy Storytelling’

Plus, the Warriors face the Nuggets, SFFilm Festival returns IRL and Janelle Monáe talks sci-fi at City Arts & Lectures.

Overdose Deaths at SF’s City-Funded Facilities Totaled 246 Over Two Years

More than 10 people per month on average died of overdoses in the city’s supportive housing facilities and shelter-in-place hotels during 2020 and 2021.

San Francisco’s Lawsuit Against Opioid Manufacturers and Distributors Heads to Trial Next Week

The city already reached a tentative $10 million settlement with the pharmaceutical company Endo as a result of the litigation.

Analysis: Haney Dominates Campos by Shrewdly Following Shifting Political Winds

Matt Haney’s big victory in a special election for one of San Francisco’s state Assembly seats shows his move to the center paid off.

Shutdown of Civic Center Tent Village Underway in Advance of Pride Festivities

The city-run tent village opened in May 2020 as a temporary measure to mitigate a spike in encampments during the pandemic.

Need Weed? Here’s a Map of Cannabis Dispensaries and Lounges in SF

Since San Francisco is now fully embracing its weed culture, it is no surprise that…

Haney Headed to Sacramento With Commanding Win Over Campos

The District 6 supervisor appears poised to win Tuesday’s race handily. Once crowned, he will take now-City Attorney David Chiu’s seat and serve out the rest of his term.

Q&A: Nikesh Patel, SF’s Top Cannabis Official, Says City Has Work to Do, Urges Patience With ‘Young Experiment’

With time and continued revision, the Director for the Office of Cannabis believes kinks in the city’s regulated cannabis industry will work themselves out.

Map of voter precincts for AD 17 April 2022 race
Campos vs. Haney Assembly District 17 Election Results and Interactive Maps

Check out The Standard’s live election results and interactive maps for the Assembly District 17 race.

Board of Supes in 3 Mins: A Homelessness Policy Skirmish

Supervisors made major decisions on police procedure and a future training facility for the San Francisco Fire Department at an hour-long Election Day meeting. Meanwhile, lines were drawn in an ongoing fight over homelessness policy.

Outside Lands Lineup Announced: Green Day, Post Malone, SZA Headlining

Mac DeMarco, Phoebe Bridgers, Lil Uzi Vert, Disclosure, Claude Von Stroke, Tokimonsta, Pusha T, 100 Gecs and Oliver Tree also top the bill.

Chesa Boudin Recall Campaign Featured Exceptionally High Costs for Signature-Gathering

The Boudin recall has the highest per-signature cost in recent San Francisco history, but experts say that doesn’t mean the DA recall has less grassroots support than the school board recall.

Epic ‘Hippie Hill’ Pot Party Goes Mainstream as Tourist-Hungry SF Embraces Cannabis

For better or worse, city officials and business leaders are coming out in support of 420 celebrations.

Go Slow: SFMTA Cuts Speed Limits for a Dozen More Streets 

Citing safety concerns, the transit agency hopes to lower speed limits on many more popular corridors citywide.

As Hate Crimes Explode, SF ‘Failing’ to Help Asian American Victims, Report Finds

City leaders call for a more coordinated framework to support crime victims as Asian American residents face hate crime surge.

When Apologies Don’t Cut It: Lawsuit Seeks Truth and Compensation From Police Shooting Case

A new lawsuit is seeking financial compensation from the City and County of San Francisco and disclosures about Zachary McAuliffe’s record as an SFPD officer.

Where To Enjoy 420 in SF: A Guide to Cannabis Celebrations in the City and Beyond

From the return of Hippie Hill to dance parties and film screenings, here are some of the best bets for buds on April 20, 2022.

2 SF Police Officers Arrested on Suspicion of Destroying Evidence, Retired Officer Also Booked on Gun Charge

San Francisco police announced the arrests Tuesday of two active officers and one retired officer in connection with a pair of unrelated incidents.

Seven Don’t Miss Moments From Our Chesa Boudin Interview

Watch the best moments of The Standard’s spicy interview with District Attorney Chesa Boudin.

Redistricting Task Force Must Approve a Final Draft Map on April 21, City Attorney Says

In a legal memo, city attorneys told the Redistricting Task Force that there is “no cushion” for any further delays in redrawing the city’s district maps.

Bayview Restaurant Celebrates 10 Years of Helping At-Risk Youth Learn Industry and Life Skills

Old Skool Cafe emerges from the pandemic to find shifting views on the carceral system and a community united behind its vision.

SFMTA, BART Lift Mask Mandates Following Decision By Federal Judge

A court decision by a federal judge in Florida vacated the CDC’s masking mandate, leaving local agencies scrambling.

DA Chesa Boudin: Five Takeaways From a Fiery Live Interview

The DA aggressively pushed back when asked to address concerns about the Tenderloin, his management and the perception that his tenure has emboldened criminals.

Feds Cut Funding to Laguna Honda Hospital, Putting Future in Doubt

The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services ended the hospital’s participation in its programs, triggered by the hospital’s failure to fix all its deficiencies by the end of a six-month period.

Who Will Follow Feinstein? Report on Senator’s Mental Decline Prompts Political Jockeying for Coveted California Seat

Bay Area officials being floated as a potential successor to Sen. Feinstein include House reps Barbara Lee and Ro Khanna, as well as San Francisco Mayor London Breed.

This Weekend: A ‘Couture Fantasy,’ Reinterpreted ‘Richard II’ and More

Plus, historic photographs of The Bayview, a ‘Hunky Jesus’ contest and a mini bluegrass festival.

Special Election Day, Again! Haney vs. Campos Showdown Could Test Progressives’ Strength

The campaign between Matt Haney and David Campos for the District 17 assembly seat finally reaches a conclusion—at least until June 7.

Lowell Principal Resigns, Blasting School District on His Way Out

‘The decision to leave SFUSD is solely based on my desire to apply my passion for education in a district that values its students and staff through well organized systems, fiscal responsibility and sound instructional practices as the path towards equity.’

Bumblebee ceiling bed
Is This Ceiling-mounted Bed in a Tiny, $600,000+ Studio the Future of SF Living?

At the Serif, a new condo building on Market Street, buyers are being offered a unique perk: the option to add furniture that comes down from the ceiling.

There Are Hella Things To Do on 415 Day—Here Are Six For Starters

In the 25 years since San Francisco and the 415 became exclusive, locals have used the area code to represent their hometown pride.

DA Chesa Boudin’s Innocence Commission Helps Free Man 3 Decades After Conviction in SoMa Murder Case

Joaquin Ciria is the first person to be exonerated by Boudin’s newly assembled commission that reviews potential wrongful convictions.

Mixed Financial Forecast Paints Uncertain Future for SF School District

Though the San Francisco Unified School District is climbing out of a recent budget shortfall, California officials see another fiscal crisis looming in the near future.

Board of Supervisors Preview: New Rules for Cops, New Digs for Firefighters

The board will likely approve new protections for crime victims, buy a training site from a real estate giant, and try to save Date Night in the Fillmore.

Board of Supervisors in 4 Minutes: No Call, No Show, a New Police Commissioner and Having a ‘CoW’ over JFK

A lapse in leadership leads to an absentee leader. Plus, the supervisors discuss reopening JFK to cars, tearing down the Kearny Street bridge and reforming the city’s procurement process.

Sutter Health Employees Demand Safety Protections as Union Negotiations Stall

Nurses organized a systemwide one-day strike calling for increased staffing and Covid safety supplies.

DA Chesa Boudin Sues to Deter ‘Fraudulent’ ADA Lawsuits Targeting Small Businesses

The progressive prosecutor said that roughly 250 small businesses in the community have been victimized by a law firm’s fraudulent claims.

Turnout For Next Week’s Election Currently at an Abysmal 15% 

With a week left to go, vote by mail turnout is at just 15.3% in the April 19 runoff election between District 6 Supervisor Matt Haney and former District 9 Supervisor David Campos.

This Week in Civics: Bike to School, Fight Climate Change and Celebrate Los Niños

Plus, there’s still time to have a say in who represents SF’s District 17 at the state level. Check out our mini voter how-to guide.

SFUSD Could See Relief on Budget-Straining Special Education Costs

As student needs grow, promises by the state and federal governments to share costs are increasingly unmet.

President Biden’s Asian American Ambassador—an SF Native—Discusses Policy in City Visit

The former Golden Gate Heights resident, who is of Chinese and Japanese descent, is a veteran political staffer in the federal government.

DAMION screenshot
Critics Accuse DA Chesa Boudin of Hiding Data. His Team Says That’s ‘Absurd’

District Attorney Chesa Boudin’s office has been accused of hiding case data. We went behind the scenes to understand the tech challenges that Boudin’s team faces in making data public.

Redistricting Gets Uglier: Commission to Meet Friday on Whether to Remove 3 Task Force Members

The commission moved to convene a special meeting to consider removal of three members of a redistricting task force who drew the ire of progressive political groups.

ACLU of Northern California Apologizes for Redistricting Letter Sent on its Behalf

In a letter to the Elections Commission, the organization said an April 6 letter “went further” than its attorneys’ positions.

Lack of Staffing, Preparation Led to Payroll Fiasco, SFUSD Administrators Say

More workers were caught up in this payroll snafu than previously disclosed. The school district received over 9,000 tech help tickets since January.

‘Criminals Will Go Wherever the Cops Aren’t’: Tenderloin Captain Talks Challenges of Policing the Neighborhood

SFPD’s Capt. Chris Canning says the Tenderloin emergency order has “absolutely made a difference.”

Open and Shut: New Restaurants Spring Up, Even As Others Close for Good

Covid was not kind to San Francisco eateries, but where one chapter ends, another begins.

Miserable Together, Happy Apart: Why Redistricting Has Grown So Heated

The redistricting process is supposed to be non-political, but what really matters to many is who can get reelected.

Redistricting Delays Could Send San Francisco Into Uncharted Legal Territory

The task force’s decision to bypass an April 15 legal deadline could open the city to court challenges.

Elon Musk’s Twitter Takeover Attempt Could Spell Uncertain Times for a Major SF Employer

Musk has already relocated himself and the HQ of electric car maker Tesla from California to Texas.

Divisive Final Vote on New District Map Delayed, Missing Deadline

Instead of approving the map voted on in the wee hours of Sunday morning, members voted to miss the April 15 deadline and begin work on a different map.

Citing Van Ness, Geary Boulevard Merchants Wary of City’s Transit Plans

The city can now get rapid transit done faster, but some merchants worry that a Geary Boulevard project will keep customers away.

Breed Hails Opening of New Permanent Supportive Housing Amid Worker Protests

Outside a press conference, workers at the Tenderloin Housing Clinic decried low pay and poor working conditions.

What Sales Tax Data Tells Us About the Uneven State of San Francisco’s Economic Recovery

Take a look at which zip codes saw the biggest drops in sales tax revenue, and which are bouncing back more quickly.

CDC Says Two More Weeks of Masking on Transit, At Least

Local transit agencies are likely to follow suit and extend mask mandates through May 3.

Perspective: Public Comment Feels Less Like Civic Participation and More Like a DDoS Attack on Democracy

A meeting of the Redistricting Task Force on Saturday went for 19 hours. That’s not good for any of us.

The Standard Top 10: Who is SF’s Highest-Paid City Official?

Mayor Breed makes more than any other U.S. mayor but she’s nowhere near the top of the list of SF’s best-compensated employees.

City Contractor Urban Alchemy Denies it Provides Security Services, Despite Evidence to the Contrary

CEO Lena Miller made her first public comments on her nonprofit allegedly performing unlicensed security work.

Block, Formerly Known as Square, Ditches San Francisco as Headquarters

The company still holds 469,000 square feet of space in SF under a lease that expires next year, but now has no official headquarters.

Take 3 Minutes to (Finally) Understand Redistricting

We’re here to help explain: What the **** is going on with redistricting?

Join Us Thursday for a Live-Streamed Conversation With DA Chesa Boudin

Join The Standard’s editor-in-chief Jonathan Weber for an in-depth discussion with San Francisco’s top lawyer this Thursday at 2 p.m. PT.

Board of Supervisors in 3 Minutes: Roads and Good Intentions

Supervisors begin tackling a Bridge to Nowhere and escalate the fight over JFK Drive.

Local Homeless Coordinating Board Appointee Raises Conflict of Interest Concerns

The Board of Supervisors is set to vote on an appointee who may need to recuse herself from key votes, raising questions about the city’s many homeless advisory boards.

This Week in Civics: Redraw Our City Map, Prepare for the Midterms, Become a Plant Parent

Plus, a ritual reading for bell hooks, youth tackle trash in the Richmond and a story hour in honor of Ukraine.

Fourplexpalooza Continues: Supes Wrestle With Westside Development

Two proposals to allow more housing on the westside were debated on Monday in the push to hit state housing mandates.

Viral Video Raises Questions About SF Police Interactions with Driverless Cars

Cruise blamed “human error” for its autonomous vehicle being pulled over by police in the Richmond District.

With a New Virtual School, SFUSD Shores Up Remote-Learning Options for Younger Students

Demand for online alternatives remains steady despite the district’s return to in-person learning.

State Overseers Blast SF School District’s Budgeting Practices, Say Financial Crisis Is Near

Deficit spending, low reserves and a flawed budgeting process raise red flags in Sacramento as the district faces potential state takeover.

Supervisors Back Ronen’s Plan to Curtail Police DNA Practices That Led to Arrest of Rape Victim

The proposal is meant to ensure San Francisco police never use rape kit DNA to arrest another sexual assault victim in an unrelated crime.

Famed Castro Sex Club Eros Will Relocate to a Historic Space in San Francisco’s Transgender Cultural District

After almost 40 years, the Tenderloin will again be home to a gay sex club.

Chaos Again Engulfs Effort to Draw New District Lines After 2 a.m. Walkout

A 19-hour Redistriicting Task Force meeting adjourned at 5:40 a.m. after heated public comment.

Meet the Bibliophile Who’s Visited All 29 SF Public Library Branches

Jennifer Norris says her wife made fun of her for participating in a children’s Explorer Program. But libraries, says Norris, are for everyone.

At Haight Street Art Center, the Revolution Will Be Posterized

New exhibit ‘Psychedelic Renaissance’ runs alongside a collection of political posters produced to support California farmworker organizers.

Redistricting Task Force Members Redeemed After 7-Hour Elections Commission Hearing

The commission convened a meeting in the wake of political pressure to consider removing appointees, and a swift backlash ensued.

Effort to Oust Task Force Members Turns Citizen-led Redistricting Into Partisan War

Attacks on the work of the Redistricting Task Force threaten to jeopardize the non-partisan integrity of the body, along with that of the Elections Commission.

Hungry After Hours? A Map of Late Night Eats Around San Francisco

Here’s where to find the increasing number of bars and restaurants that stay up to feed the city’s night owls.

War for JFK Drive: How a Museum’s Money Is Shaping the Fight Over San Francisco’s Most Controversial Street

A nonprofit linked to the de Young Museum and San Francisco’s Fines Arts Museums agency has deployed a powerful team of lobbyists to combat a highly motivated group of parents as the fate of JFK Drive hangs in the balance.

Perspective: It’s Time for SF to Rethink Street Lighting

From blight to light: SF streets are either dim or lit like freeways, with consequences for nightlife, public safety and simple aesthetics.

Chinatown Nonprofits Receive Grants as Part of California’s Massive Investment to Stop AAPI Hate

Several Chinatown-based nonprofits, including Self-Help for the Elderly, Chinese for Affirmative Action and Chinatown Community Development Center, were selected to receive grants.

Hella Hot Weather Brings Offshore Winds and Surfers to Ocean Beach

Surfers are taking full advantage of rare conditions that produced picturesque waves doubling the size of the average human on Thursday morning.

City Blasts SF Environment Head for Appearance of ‘Pay to Play,’ Says Recology Tried to Influence Her With $25K Donation

A day after her resignation, a scathing controller’s report finds Debbie Raphael ran a department with a “poor ethical climate.”

SF’s Top Elected Officials Denounce Push to Change Redistricting Task Force

Mayor Breed, State Sen. Scott Wiener and others condemned a move by the Elections Commission to consider replacing three members of the Redistricting Task Force.

Perspective: How Turning Hate Mail into a Book of Poems Liberated One Reporter 

Hate mail, it turns out, is a literary genre unto itself.

What San Franciscans Should Know About the BA.2 Omicron Variant

San Francisco’s Covid case counts don’t tell the whole story about the current state of the pandemic. Here’s what you need to know.

SF Environment Director Resigns as City Hall Corruption Scandal Claims Another Top Official

San Francisco’s top environment official Debbie Raphael resigned Thursday while she is under investigation for soliciting a $25,000 donation from Recology at the same time she was preparing to award the trash-hauling giant a lucrative contract.

Nearly 4,000 SF Restaurants Survived the Pandemic

Twice as many restaurants closed as opened during 2021 but SF’s food scene is far from finished.

This Weekend: Kronos Festival, ‘Magrittomania,’ Sunday Streets and More

Plus, a not-so-secret Sofar Sounds, SFMOMA’s Art Bash and Yvonne Orji—better known as Molly from ‘Insecure’—comes to Cobb’s Comedy Club.

District Attorney Chesa Boudin Recall

San Franciscans will vote on the recall of District Attorney Chesa Boudin on June 7, 2022. Discover the latest news and coverage about the recall election from The San Francisco Standard below.

With a Library Card, You Can Now Get into California State Parks For Free

California public libraries are loaning out state park passes to card holders, opening up access to Bay Area favorites.

Report to California Legislature: Prepare for Sweeping Effects of Climate Change

The Legislative Analyst’s Office report provides a litany of sobering climate change impacts for California legislators to address as they enact policies and set budgets.

Redistricting is Hard: Under Pressure, Task Force Riles Up SF Political Groups

With just days to go in the process, political groups across the city have rallied members to flood a Wednesday meeting with demands.

More SF Property Owners are Disputing the Value of Their Buildings. Here’s What That Means.

San Francisco is seeing a spike in property tax appeals, highlighting risks and uncertainty in the city’s real estate market as many office and retail spaces remain empty.

If You Can’t Beat ’Em, Join ’Em: Will Ride-Hailing Tech Save the Taxi Industry?

Traditional taxi drivers weigh the pros and cons of a new pilot program, which would allow them to accept rides through Uber, Lyft and other apps.

Board of Supes Roundup: Housing, Dirty Laundry and Lots of Hearings

The supervisors polish up a restarted rent relief program and deal with touchy insider issues in a relatively short meeting.

Chan Proposes Cars Return to JFK Drive—Heading East Only

The proposed ordinance would make JFK a one-way for cars and reopen Conservatory Drive.

City Eyes Two New Buildings for Permanent Homeless Housing

The two sites contain a total of 274 housing units of varying sizes, including 200 units intended exclusively for families.

Revolution From the Inside Out: Young Activists Work to Heal Themselves and Overhaul the Justice System

Youth from the Young Women’s Freedom Center–many of whom were themselves incarcerated–advocate for mental health services as the city transforms its juvenile justice system.

SF’s Environmental Agency Under Scrutiny After Director Asked Recology for $25K While Awarding Lucrative Trash Contract

The donation from the trash-hauling giant is now being examined as part of an anti-corruption investigation by the city.

Stern Grove Festival Announces 2022 Dates, Lineup To Be Revealed May 3

The show is still free, but the online ticket reservation system introduced last year will remain in place.

Mayor Breed Endorses Matt Haney in Assembly District Race

Haney has racked up endorsements from a swath of labor unions and state and local officials.

The Great Renegotiation: From Hotels to Oil Refineries, Local Unions Are in a Militant Mood

Emboldened by a tight labor market at a time of growing public support for their cause, unions are well-positioned to win gains in both the public and private sectors.

After Payroll Snafu Deprived Several Teachers of Pay, a Top District Administrator to Resign

Myong Leigh, superintendent of policy and operations and a two-decade veteran of SFUSD, said he plans to leave his post in June.

Anti-Fentanyl Group Aims to Stymie Mayor Breed’s Push for International Tourists 

The group, called Mothers Against Drug Deaths, says the city should address open-air fentanyl dealing before drawing tourists back downtown.

Judge Resurrects Lawsuit Alleging Mayor Breed Links to Nuru Corruption Scandal

The lawsuit shows how a federal investigation of alleged pay to play practices continues to shadow city officials, including Breed.

Reform-Minded Attorney Likely to Succeed John Hamasaki on SF Police Commission

Supervisors on Monday called on Kevin Michael Benedicto to strike a balance between holding officers accountable and supporting them.

Remote Viewing, Public Comment No Longer an Option for Some SF School Board Meetings

SFUSD said it doesn’t have enough staff to run both in-person and virtual participation outside of regularly scheduled bi-monthly meetings.

Housing Shell Game: Supes’ Latest Actions Set to Slow New Housing as State Mandates Loom

SF’s board of supervisors habitually blocks housing initiatives in the name of affordability and other goals, threatening the city’s ability to meet state housing targets.

Board of Supervisors in 3 Minutes: Rent Relief, Retaliation, and Transparency

Supervisors are set to approve more rent relief, address property-related political drama, and call for greater transparency in property records.

Perspective: With Gas Prices So High, It’s Time for SF to Get Serious About E-bikes 

Six-dollar gas signals that the era of ‘automobile entrapment’ is over.

Both Campos and Haney Tout Time Spent at SF School District

One public school veteran says he is supporting Campos, though he doesn’t believe either will have a seriously divergent approach to education.

‘We Were Hyphy’ and the Glory of Mid-2000s Bay Area Hip-Hop

New documentary, debuting this weekend at the Cinequest Film Festival, fondly remembers goin’ dummy at the sideshow in stunna shades.

Public Health Department Rapidly Staffs Up Amid Ongoing Overdose Crisis

DPH says it’s filled more than 200 vacant positions spanning behavioral health clinicians, pharmacists and others.

Where Assembly Candidates Haney and Campos Stand on Housing

Haney has won the endorsement of California YIMBY. Campos is championing affordable housing.

No Joke: After Years of Delay, Van Ness BRT Opens to Fanfare

Finally, buses will shuttle transit riders north-south down Van Ness Avenue in a fire-red, car-free center lane.

Perspective: SF Has the Opportunity to Become a Real ‘Paris of the West’

On her visit to Europe, Mayor London Breed seemed to appreciate what the City of Light has done to reimagine itself.

Political Power Grab? AAPI Communities Demand Answers in SF Redistricting

Asian American community organizers from Chinatown, the Tenderloin and SoMa gathered Thursday to slam the city’s redistricting process.

Dreams & Delays: A Timeline of the Van Ness BRT Project

The backstory on how building a two-mile bus line can add up to a decades-long, $346 million-dollar saga.

For Struggling Businesses, Van Ness Is a Boulevard of Broken Promises

As the Van Ness Bus Rapid Transit Project turned from a shining example to a cautionary tale business owners were left struggling to survive.

Chesa Boudin Recall: Nancy Tung Looks to Take Another Shot at Running for DA

Leaders of the local NAACP chapter have objected to the recall of DA Chesa Boudin, but the list of potential candidates to replace him is growing.

San Francisco Moves to Restart Rent Relief as State Bows Out

As California prepares to sunset its rent relief program, San Francisco is planning to take up the slack. But uncertainties remain.

Salesforce tower
Tales of a Tower: For the Titan of SF’s Skyline, the New World of Work Presents Daunting Challenges

Salesforce Tower tenants are moving to hybrid work. That spells trouble for the city’s shiniest new neighborhood — and the rest of downtown.

San Francisco More Than Doubles Its Estimate of Permanent Remote Work

The revised estimate of 33% permanent telecommuting by office workers is expected to damage the city’s tax revenues.

Where Assembly Candidates Haney and Campos Stand on Public Safety

Haney’s campaign website specifically mentions public safety as a key issue, while Campos’ website does not.

London in Paris: Here’s How Mayor Breed Pitched SF to European Travelers

A look at Breed’s Europe itinerary shows a media blitz focused on promoting San Francisco’s great outdoors and parklet dining.

Explainer: San Francisco Has 100 Boards and Commissions. Why?

The city has 100 active commissions and advisory bodies that serve a wide range of functions, from police oversight to advising on taxes.

Blocked Downtown Project Emerges as Sticking Point in AD17 Race

A contested housing project at 469 Stevenson Street features in a mailer attacking candidate David Campos.

Flawed Contract Offers Clues to Rough Rollout of School District’s New Payroll System

An agreement between the San Francisco Unified School District and computer services firm Infosys may have set the stage for a very rough launch.

Newsom Imposes New California Water Restrictions — Leaves Details to Locals

San Francisco residents will see a 5% surcharge on their water bills starting next month.

This Weekend: David Huffman, Off the Grid, Papercuts, Boyz II Men and More

Plus, Boyz II Men, Trans Day of Visibility, Pitches 2 Riches Comedy Show, Caroline Rose and the return of Electroluxx at Public Works.

Central Subway Likely To Be Delayed Yet Again, Federal Monitor Says

Transit line connecting Chinatown and SoMa has long been a target of criticism

Asian Art Commission Votes to Return Illegally Removed Marble Panel to Afghanistan

But the centuries-old work, smuggled out of the Central Asian country during Soviet occupation, isn’t going home right away.

Campos, Haney See Asian American Voters as Key to Victory in SF’s Assembly Race

Candidates in the race to represent the eastern half of San Francisco in the state Assembly believe the city’s Asian American voters will be the deciding factor.

Perspective: How The Oscars Slap Sidelined ‘Writing with Fire,’ a Film About an All-Women News Team

Will Smith’s smack overshadowed a genuine accomplishment: recognition of a foreign documentary about women journalists in India

California Lawmakers Struck a Deal on Eviction Protections as Local Relief Lags

Of the 19,021 San Francisco households that have requested state relief, a little over half have been paid so far.

New Exhibit, ‘House of Commons,’ Explores Promise and Pitfalls of Communal Living Structures

Congregate homes with shared central spaces and resources have a part to play in fixing San Francisco’s housing crisis, according to the exhibit’s creators.

Creative Control: Diverse New Wave of Theater and Dance Leaders Reimagine Artistic Visions 

The Magic Theatre, San Francisco Ballet, Joe Goode Performance Group and Z Space all have new leaders.

SF’s Top Ten Billionaires Would Owe $45 Billion Under Biden’s Tax Proposal

The city’s high number of tech moguls would be hit hard by the president’s plan, which classifies public stock gains as income.

Explainer: DA Boudin is Sending More Defendants to Diversion. Here’s What That Means

The district attorney resolved over 1,000 cases in 2021 through diversion programs, which range from collaborative and neighborhood courts to mental health diversion.

Perspective: California Cities Have Plenty of Room and There’s No Reason to Build New Ones from Scratch

A seemingly appealing idea to solve the housing crisis with enormous, resource-intensive new metropolises won’t help the state achieve its goals

Hundreds Rally at Crissy Field to Oppose Russia’s War Against Ukraine

Hundreds of people gathered for an anti-war rally at Crissy Field on Sunday to show support for Ukraine and condemn Russia’s military invasion. 

‘This Shouldn’t Be Normal’: Tenderloin Parents Grapple with Neighborhood Woes

Tenderloin residents who met with Mayor London Breed to plead for better conditions last November, prompting a string of fiery press conferences.

Photos: We Heard Y2K Fashion Is Coming Back. So We Sent a Camera to the Haight to See it IRL

Wide-legged jeans, chunky boots, crop tops and wrap-around shades. It’s not a No Doubt video. It’s just 2022.

Know Your Newsroom: The Standard Staff on What We’re All About

We’ve been building the team we need to bring you the kind of timely, in-depth and trusted reporting that will help you know your city.

On the Long Road to Understanding Long Covid, This UCSF Initiative Leads

Meet the multidisciplinary corps of medical professionals at the university’s trailblazing OPTIMAL Clinic.

Back to the Big Screen: A Map of San Francisco’s Movie Theaters

Leave the living room to see a Best Picture in time for the 94th annual Academy Awards this Sunday.

Yep. SF’s Pandemic Population Decline Was Dramatic

New data shows SF as the U.S. county with the second greatest drop in population from 2020-2021.

Recall Fallout: Local PAC Targets Mar, Chan Over School Board Stances

GrowSF, a moderate-leaning political group, is labeling Supervisors Connie Chan and Gordon Mar as out of touch with voters.

Gloves Off: A Newsroom Conversation on the Battle Between DA Chesa Boudin and Police Chief Bill Scott

Senior reporters Josh Koehn and Michael Barba discuss the public fight between the city’s top law enforcement officers, and what it means for justice and policing.

David Campos Says His Campaign Is Corporate-Free. What Does That Mean?

The Standard reviewed the financial records of both Campos and Matt Haney to find out.

Sense vs. Sentiment: The Battle for the Soul of Fillmore’s Clay Theatre

As preservationists and city officials work to ensure the function of a century-old cinema survives, others argue that only the historic facade and design are worth saving.

School Board Fails to Discuss Resolution to Observe Muslim Holidays

Crafted by members of the Muslim community and sponsored by Commissioner Matt Alexander, the resolution should have come before the school board on Tuesday.

Perspective: For This Muni Operator, a Silly Horn Is a Serious Solution to Keep Buses Moving

Bus operators can push a button to get bad drivers cited. But we need another tool.

Police Chief Bill Scott: SFPD Considering Ban on Pretextual Stops

In a live interview Thursday, Police Chief Bill Scott discussed his feud with District Attorney Chesa Boudin and a new policy that could ban department from conducting pretextual stops that often lead to racial disparities in arrest rates.

This Weekend: ‘Pachuquísmo,’ YBCA ‘Reawakens,’ Woods Island Club Returns, Bonobo DJ Set and More

Plus: A seriously swanky Restoration Hardware experience and a “Terribly” good time.

San Francisco Civil Servants Accuse City of Chronic Understaffing

At a rally, local unions called attention to a staffing shortage in several key departments, which they say undermines safety and services.

Map of SF Homeless Shelters Shows Little Neighborhood Diversity

As the city looks to build more homeless shelters, a map of housing and shelter sites shows very few in the city’s outlying neighborhoods.

Perspective: The Rise of Fentanyl Is No Accident, and It’s Not Going Away

In spite of numerous overdoses in SF and elsewhere, the opioid’s presence in the drug supply is not a momentary blip

Chesa Boudin
Amid Scrutiny, DA Boudin Hires Transparency Lawyer to Assist with Public Records Compliance

Following recent criticism over its handling of public records requests, the District’s Attorney’s office has hired a government transparency expert, Nikki Moore, to assist the agency with compliance.

San Francisco’s Tenderloin is a Reluctant Battleground in Haney, Campos Campaign Fights

The neighborhood emerged as a flashpoint in debates over public safety and Haney’s record overseeing the troubled area.

Big Issues Loom as School Board Resumes In-Person Public Comment, Welcomes New Members

Commissioners Ann Hsu, Lisa Weissman-Ward and Lainie Motamedi were seated at their new ‘home-away-from-home’ on Tuesday.

Board of Supes in 4 Mins: Slowing Amazon’s Roll, Questioning Police Reform, Housing for All?

Big plans for delivery hub on hold; skepticism over state-backed institutional changes at SFPD, and high hopes to put a big dent in the city’s homeless count

Mandelman Proposes Shelter for All, But Execution is an Uphill Battle

The supervisor wants to tackle a monumental task: Sheltering the city’s entire homeless population.

Amazon Hits Pause on its SoMa Delivery Center After SF Officials Approve Temporary Zoning Controls

Amazon’s planned warehouse–unlike a housing development previously considered for the site–would have met current land-use guidelines, absent the new zoning restrictions.

Perspective: The Time to Abolish Daylight Saving Time Is Now 

We have lived at the mercy of this anachronism for too long.

San Francisco Gives Parklet Owners a Break as Pandemic-Era Program Turns Permanent

An ordinance that delays fines for owners of Shared Spaces until April 2023 passed unanimously on Tuesday.

Photos: Local Revelers Go Green For Mask-Free St. Patrick’s Day in SF

With some Irish bars opening their doors with the sunrise, many San Franciscans spent their Thursday dressed in green and out on the town.

SoMa Sees Spike in Shootings as Police, Urban Alchemy Push Drug Dealers Out of Tenderloin

The shootings erupted just south of Market Street in the months after Mayor Breed declared an emergency in the Tenderloin.

Exclusive: Connie Chan Says She’s ‘Cautiously Optimistic’ on JFK Drive Compromise With the Mayor

The District 1 supervisor is prepared to introduce competing legislation to address access and equity concerns on Golden Gate Park’s main drag.

Game Developers Conference Could Mark a ‘Turning Point’ in San Francisco’s Fledging Recovery

The first major tech conference held at Moscone in two years aims to hit the reset button on a group travel industry decimated by the pandemic.

Teachers End Occupation of SF School District Headquarters After 3 Nights

As of Thursday, SFUSD had responded to 1,003 reports of underpayment and had 25 cases left to resolve.

SF Supervisors Set to Condemn Racial Campaign Tactics. But They’re Curiously Silent on DA Chesa Boudin

A resolution to condemn anti-Asian campaign tactics makes no mention of the DA Chesa Boudin recall and recent images attacking him.

Perspective: The ‘Sunshine Protection Act’ Should Be Called the ‘Dark Mornings Act’

Nobody likes changing the clocks. But switching to Standard Time all year long is the better solution

DoorDash’s ‘Gas Rewards’ Program Offers Little Relief to Struggling SF Drivers

Squeezed by gas prices, some gig work just doesn’t pencil out and incentives programs may come up short for local drivers.

Board of Supervisors in 2 Minutes: Police Reform, Amazon, and Problematic Political Posters

The supervisors assess state-led reforms at SFPD, and look to push Amazon into being more labor- and neighborhood-friendly.

As the Digital World Turns, the Internet Archive Soldiers on in Quest to Preserve History

The Internet Archive is a non-profit dedicated to creating an indelible record of humanity’s transition into the digital age, operating out of a former Christian Science church in the Inner Richmond since 1996. There, a small team of digital librarians work tirelessly to acquire and archive documents and data from across the world, seeking to construct a modern Library of Alexandria. 

Ahead of First School Board Meeting, New Commissioners Outline Priorities

Progressives worried that Mayor London Breed’s picks could move the city in a moderate direction. All three insist they have no higher political ambitions.

Endorsements Update: April 19 Special General Election

The California Democratic Party voted to make no endorsement in the race, among other updates in the race for Assembly District 17.

As Worries of Another Surge Escalate, SF Hospitals Build Up Arsenal of Covid Treatments

Local hospitals have stockpiled new Covid treatments, but federal politics may pose a problem for long-term funding.

Tax Reform May Be Coming Soon to Beleaguered Cannabis Shops

A new bill aims to ease the tax burden for an industry struggling to compete with a still-thriving black market.

Before the World Changed: New Census Data Looks at Pre-Covid San Francisco

The latest ACS five-year study gives robust information on the city’s neighborhoods.

‘Like Quicksand’: Tenderloin Residents Worry that Emergency Order is Just Shifting Problems Around

The first 90-day period of the Mayor’s emergency declaration is set to expire, bringing with it an expectation of permanence. But many are questioning what it really means for the city’s future.

Search for Russian Oligarch Wealth Hits a Wall in SF, Thanks to City’s Disregard for Public Records Laws

The SF assessor-recorder’s high fees and limited access to public records make it all but impossible to chase down money launderers who hide their cash in local real estate.

JFK Drive: Asian Seniors—One of SF’s Most Vulnerable Pedestrian Groups—Conflicted over Road’s Car-Free Future

The debate on pedestrian and bicyclist safety has pitted seniors and the disabled against pro-alternative transit activists who want to keep the boulevard car-free.

Photos: Michelle Yeoh, Co-Stars at The Castro Theatre Debut of ‘Everything Everywhere All at Once’

The mind-bending film is the second major Hollywood production to debut at The Castro in recent months.

Census Data Shows Pronounced Gender Imbalances Across SF.
Hey, SF, Looking for a Life Partner IRL? Census Data Can Help!

New Census data showing great variability in gender distribution between ZIP codes can help San Franciscans seeking to meet a partner in real life (how quaint!) improve their statistical odds.

Chesa Boudin Recall Campaign Releases Poll Suggesting DA Is a Goner

A poll of 800 likely voters in SF—funded by the campaign to recall DA Chesa Boudin—suggests the progressive prosecutor could be out in June.

Early Voting Opens in State Assembly Showdown Between Haney, Campos

Polls are open for voters on San Francisco’s east side, who will decide whether to send David Campos or Supervisor Matt Haney to the state legislature.

Former Supervisor Jane Kim Targeted in Ethics Complaint Over Stevenson Street Housing Project

Kim worked closely with the leader of a powerful housing nonprofit to oppose a major apartment project. She says she did the work on her own time.

This Weekend: Alice Neel Retrospective, St. Paddy’s Day, Mark Farina at Grace Cathedral and More

Plus, celebrating two-spirits, jazz piano virtuoso Helen Sung and the ultimate bridezilla bash.

Wait, Why is the Airport Paying for Mayor Breed’s Trip to Europe?

Breed’s goal is to lure European visitors to San Francisco as the city’s tourism industry struggles.

Yes, Masks Are Still Required on Muni—For Now

Expect to mask up on buses, planes and even in Ubers and Lyfts for at least another month.

‘Gross’:  San Franciscans React to Campos Comparison to Ukrainians

Remark made by AD 17 candidate David Campos at a campaign mobilization event on Saturday has generated a heated backlash on social media.

How to Fight a Recall: School Board Recall Founders Offer Advice to Embattled DA Chesa Boudin

Beleaguered District Attorney Chesa Boudin faces a tough recall election come June. Siva Raj and…

Officer Edith, Animal Care & Control’s Most Beloved Employee, Logs Off

In spite of her substantial Twitter following, you can only rescue so many skunks before burning out.

Atlanta Spa Shootings: Asian American Women in SF Demand Greater Protections on 1-Year Anniversary

A year after a shooter killed eight people in Atlanta—six of whom were Asian women—an event titled “Break The Silence: Justice for Asian Women” will be held Wednesday at the Asian Art Museum as part of a national day of remembrance.

Board of Supervisors Question Evolution of Tenderloin Emergency

At over eight hours, the Board of Supervisors meeting Tuesday touched the bases, including the emergency response to the Tenderloin.

He Left Russia to Cash In on Cannabis in SF. He Ended Up Sentenced to Prison with Rudy Giuliani’s Associates

Andrey Kukushkin first came to San Francisco from Ukraine as a teenager in the ’90s. He later returned to the city from Russia as a polished businessman. On Tuesday, he was sentenced to prison for taking part in a scheme to undermine U.S. elections and create a cannabis empire.

Mayor Floats Bill to Close JFK Drive Permanently, But Its Fate at the Board is Uncertain

Supervisors are mixed on the idea of closing Golden Gate Park’s main thoroughfare to cars for good.

Revised California Math Proposal: Despite Pushback, Little Change

The revised draft of the state’s proposed math framework, which became embroiled in controversy last year, insists students can reach high-level math classes under its recommendations.

Board of Supes in 3 Mins: Tenderloin Emergency, Group Housing, Parklets

The board will reconvene an ongoing hearing on Mayor London Breed’s emergency declaration on crime and drug overdoses in the Tenderloin at Tuesday’s meeting.

In Protest of Missed Paychecks, SF Teachers Plan to Spend Night at District Office

After an issue with San Francisco Unified School District’s new payroll system led to incomplete or completely omitted payments, educators descended on district headquarters with sleeping bags in tow.

Duboce Triangle Mural Depicting Black Man and Woman Repeatedly Defaced in Recent Weeks

The in-progress work, painted on facade of the nonprofit Maitri, has been vandalized numerous times. Some suspect the race of the mural’s subjects is a factor.

Kate Steinle Killing: Garcia-Zarate Pleads Guilty to Gun Charges

An undocumented immigrant acquitted of murder in the 2015 shooting death of Kate Steinle on San Francisco’s Pier 14 pleaded guilty to federal firearms charges Monday.

With Graffiti Penalties on the Horizon, SF Business Owners Could Soon Have a New Weapon Against Tagging

The planned end of a pandemic pause on fines for San Francisco businesses that fail to clean up graffiti has some lawmakers floating a new solution.

As SF Lures Workers Back to Downtown, Mayor Breed Offers Helpful Advice: ‘Take the Pajamas Off’

Mayor London Breed announced a week of events set for later this month as the city tries to lure workers back to the struggling downtown core.

Despite Lifted Mandate, Many Students Remain Masked at SF Schools

Masks on faces and slung around chins were a common sight Monday, even though facial coverings are now optional in the San Francisco Unified School District.

The Standard Top 10: Which SF Startups Got the Most Cash in 2021?

Venture capital investments reached a new high last year, with two SF companies receiving $2 billion.

Let the Good Times Roll: SF Nightlife Hopeful as Bars and Venues Fill Again

Indie bands and arcade games serve as a bellwether for partygoers’ return to the city.

City’s Only Vineyard Aims to Break Racial Barriers, Give Locals a Sense of Ownership

Christopher Renfro wants his neighbors to see themselves reflected in the grapes growing in their backyard.

Perspective: How California Could Become a Refuge for Reproductive Rights

More than half of Americans believe abortion should be legal. Yet women’s reproductive rights continue to be eroded.

Who’s Vaccinated Around Here? SF Hits 83% Fully Vaxxed

The demographic groups with the highest and lowest vaccination rates might—or might not— come as a surprise.

‘I Feel Like Superwoman’: Meet San Francisco’s Newest Cable Car Gripwoman

“I was told by numerous people ‘you’re not going to make it’ or ‘you’re not going to like it.’ I like to prove people wrong.”

Breed Names Replacement Appointees for San Francisco School Board

Ann Hsu, Lainie Motamedi, Lisa Weissman-Ward will replace Gabriela López, Alison Collins and Faauuga Moliga.

SFUSD Employees Feel ‘Disrespected’ After Missing Full or Partial Paychecks

The district has apologized and chalked it up to a technical snafu, but the teachers union is still planning a class-action lawsuit.

Car-Free JFK Drive Moves Closer to Permanence Despite Efforts of Opposition

Those in favor of reopening the Golden Gate Park thoroughfare made their protest loud and clear on Thursday, but the city’s parks and transit boards are sending the proposal to the Board of Supervisors.

SF Police Arrested a Woman Using DNA from Her Own Rape Kit. Now She’s Preparing to Sue

The woman filed a legal claim Thursday against the city and county of San Francisco that alleges police violated her constitutional rights.

DA Chesa Boudin Recall: Asian American Leaders Condemn ‘Racist,’ Communist-Style Poster

The Cold War-era propaganda image features District Attorney Chesa Boudin gesturing in a manner similar to Mao Zedong. The poster also includes images of homeless encampments, a person appearing to consume drugs and a figure slumped over with their pants down.

‘Crazy’ New Redistricting Map Outrages San Francisco’s LGBTQ+ Leaders 

State Sen. Scott Wiener and Supervisor Rafael Mandelman both slammed the first redistricting map, saying it would harm LGBTQ+ candidates.

City Accuses Construction Companies of Pollution, Zoning Law Violations Near Candlestick Point

Residents of Bay View and Hunter’s Point began complaining of excessive dust in the area starting in January 2021.

‘Let’s Party!’ SF Bars Ready to Stop Acting Like Covid Police as Vaccination Rules End

Throughout the pandemic, many bars and restaurants in San Francisco have been forced to verify customers’ vaccination status. Those rules end Friday.

Police Commission in Flux: Cohen, Hamasaki Depart at Key Moment in Reform Debate

Turnover on the city’s police commission comes at a critical time, as the chief is sparring with the district attorney over key investigations.

This Weekend: Classical Plants, Concert for Ukraine, K. Flay and More

Plus: Ocean Beach bonfires return and the St. Patrick’s Day Parade.

Already Far Higher Than the National Average, Gas Prices in SF Hit New Record

Here’s why gas is so expensive—and where to fill up your tank cheaply.

Whoever Renamed Russia Avenue for Ukraine Is Part of a Long Guerrilla Tradition

From “Obama” to “Burritto” to “Noel” anonymous prankster is not the first to rename streets in San Francisco.

SF Voters to Weigh In on 7 Ballot Measures for the June 7 Primary Election

From recall reform to reigning in Recology and extending sick leave, San Francisco voters will be asked to weigh in on seven ballot measures and a crowded list of candidates for the June 7 primary election. 

Mayor Breed Walks a Tightrope on Policing During Annual State of the City

Mayor London Breed emphasized San Francisco’s strengths, without shying away from its shortcomings in the State of the City Address.

Mayor Breed, Key City Agencies Back Car-Free Future for JFK Drive

The new recommendations call for the permanent closure of JFK Drive, as well as improvements like bike-share stations and expanded parking.

A Unionized Amazon Shop in SF? Mayor Breed Signals Broad Support in Private Meeting

After months of silence on Amazon expansion efforts in San Francisco, the mayor’s message of “broad support” for labor’s campaign is her first known position on the issue.

The Politics of Addiction: Newsom Sees Forced Treatment as a Solution, but Doctors Have Their Doubts

Politicians at the local, state and federal level are promoting a ‘tough love’ policy of pushing recalcitrant drug users into rehab. But will it actually work?

Concerns Grow Over Urban Alchemy Expanding Security Work in Tenderloin

San Francisco has awarded Urban Alchemy increasingly hefty contracts, but safety concerns are being raised as the scope of the organization’s role expands.

SF Supervisors Back New Street Vendor Rules, Push Ahead on Acquiring Hotel for the Homeless

San Francisco’s supervisors on Tuesday moved forward on new street vendor rules, increasing access to Golden Pate Park and acquiring a hotel for the homeless.

We Rode a Double-Decker Tour Bus Around SF. The Trouble Isn’t ‘What’ We Saw But ‘Who’ We Didn’t See

Local tourists are filling the top decks of tour buses that used to cater to an international crowd, and the sightseeing companies are struggling as they pray for a more lively summer.

If You Live in SF, Golden Gate Park’s Coolest Gardens Will Soon Be Free

The Board of Supervisors approved free admission on Tuesday for residents visiting the Conservatory of Flowers and Japanese Tea Garden.

Recall Camp Candidates Support Merit-Based Admissions at Lowell

The school’s future was a major force in the recent recall of three school board members. It continues to loom large in district discourse.

Transitional Housing Pop-Up Opens in SoMa

“Tiny cabins” offer refuge to those awaiting permanent housing.

Tired of Onerous Bureaucracy, North Beach’s Baonecci Ristorante Decamped for Frisco (Texas)

The family-run eatery made the ‘Texodus’ last fall. Though they miss their old neighborhood and the easy-going Bay Area climate, they are settling in nicely in their new home.

And Then There Were 4: Recalled SF School Board Members Ditch Final Meeting

Outgoing President Gabriela López and Commissioner Alison Collins skipped out on Tuesday’s BoE meeting. It would have been their last.

Supervisor Mar Proposes Law to Boost Non-English Language Services in SFPD

Supervisor Gordon Mar said his policy will “strengthen community ties to prevent crimes, and meet our immigrant community’s language access needs.”

As Permanent Parklet Program Takes Shape, New Rules Would Give SF Restaurateurs a Bit More Time

The Shared Spaces program has gone through many changes since rushing into existence in June of 2020. A new ordinance would give restaurateurs until April 2023 to get their parklets up to code.

San Francisco School District Reverses Course on Mask Rules for Students, Staff

SF school officials surprisingly reversed course on mask rules Friday, saying they’ll no longer be required in middle and high schools on Mar. 12.

Supes in 2 Mins: Street Vending, Housing the Homeless, Perks for SF Residents at Golden Gate Park

Supervisors will meet Tuesday to discuss regulating street vending in SF, housing the homeless and making parts of Golden Gate Park free.

YIMBY Takes Another Swing at Housing Reform With New Ballot Initiative

It’s the latest effort to get housing projects approved automatically if they meet all of the city’s requirements.

DA Boudin Dealt Blow as SF Police Officer Found Not Guilty in Landmark Excessive Force Case

An officer was found not guilty Monday on three assault charges in what is believed to be the SFPD’s first-ever excessive force trial.

We Sat Down With a Class of 6th Graders to Talk About Covid

While teachers were reinventing the wheel in every classroom, students struggled to get caught up and worried about the safety of their families.

Willie Brown, Former SF Mayor, Cruises Around Town in a Driverless Car

The legend of local government was offered a ride in Cruise’s autonomous vehicle fleet and felt “like a little kid.”

Pride and Prejudice: Why Lowell Looms Large in SF’s School Discourse

Local parents were already upset with a district they saw as capricious and out of touch. But when the commissioners came for merit-based admissions, the gloves came off.

Building Racial Bridges: A Buddhist Charity’s Decades-Long Effort to Help Children in the Bayview

Amid the rising tensions between the Black and Asian American communities, Tzu Chi’s work has the additional benefit of building bridges.

Explainer: Gov. Newsom’s Controversial Plan to Compel People into Drug, Mental Health Treatment

Gov. Newsom, the former mayor of San Francisco, pointed to his hometown’s crises around homelessness and mental health, and how the state overall has reached a breaking point.

Recalled School Board Member Alison Collins Filed Plans to Fix Illegally Merged Flats

Collins and her husband plan to address the complaint by turning the former basement into one unit and will keep the merged top two floors as the second unit, The Standard has learned.

Pilot Program Paves a Way for San Francisco’s Low-Income Jurors

Starting Monday, the city will pay $100 per day to jurors who qualify.

Put the Sweatpants Away. SF’s Big Return to In-Office Work Is Almost Here

Among the companies that have pledged to bring workers back to the office this month are Salesforce, Gap Inc., Visa, Wells Fargo and Blackrock.

‘Horrendous Mistake’: SFPD Explains How Sex Assault Survivor’s DNA Was Used to ID Her as Suspect

The department has stored DNA samples—from officers’ DNA to that of victims of rape and other crimes—in a quality control database since 2015.

Bus Staffing Returning to Normal as Ridership Climbs

Muni is still considering summer service plans and BART is reporting its highest ridership yet this year.

Bilal Mahmood Throws Support Behind Matt Haney in SF Assembly Race

Political newcomer Bilal Mahmood urged his supporters Thursday to vote for Supervisor Matt Haney in the April 19 runoff election.

This Weekend: Godspeed You! Black Emperor, Unpretentious Art, More

Plus, Schlok’s finally has a brick-and-mortar location, a “Rocky Horror” circus and a dance party for the Little Monsters.

Rain Coming to SF: What It Means for Skiing in Tahoe, Your Allergies and the Drought

San Francisco is expecting light rain Thursday, and perhaps through Saturday, but things are still “looking grim” with no major rainfall on the horizon.

Where Have All the Tourists Gone? San Francisco Travel Industry Lags in Post-Pandemic Return

Travelers haven’t yet returned to SF in pre-pandemic numbers. New data show who’s missing from the crowds around town.

​​The Q&A: How Will Urban Vision Alliance Bring SF Businesses, Nonprofits Together to Fight Homelessness? 

Urban Vision Alliance’s CEO says the group wants to address the lack of coordination among San Francisco’s various homelessness service providers.

Keeping Kids Masked Is a Relief to Some Teachers, Even if Medical Opinion Is Mixed

The San Francisco school district’s decision to keep kids masked indoors has frustrated parents and educators alike, but not everyone is upset.

Anger, Frustration Among SF’s Asian American Voters May Influence Recall of DA Chesa Boudin

Emotions that fueled the school board could carry over to the DA’s recall as the Asian American community’s trust in public safety has eroded.

We Rode the Treasure Island Ferry on Its First Day. Here’s What Went Right and Wrong

The Treasure Island Ferry had some hiccups in service on its first day, but for those who made it on board, the ride was smooth sailing.

Mayor Breed, Peskin Yank Ballot Measures in Ongoing Battle Over SF Police Surveillance

A truce has been called, but the mayor could still place a measure on the November ballot if conversations with supervisors grind to a halt.

Biden’s State of the Union Resonates With Locals Working in Tech, Harm Reduction

The first State of the Union of the Joe Biden presidency was heavy on Ukraine, but also hit upon topics closer to home for San Franciscans.

Protected Bike Lanes Coming to Valencia This Year, SFMTA Says

Following pandemic-related delays, the agency promises changes are in short order.

Board of Supervisors Moves on ‘Missing Middle’ Housing, Approves Recology Ballot Measure

Plus, amendment to small business permitting helps clear path for acupuncturists and chiropractors to open up shop.

Judge Rules David Campos Can’t Call Himself a ‘Civil Rights Attorney’ in State Assembly Runoff

Judge Shelleyanne Chang, of Sacramento County Superior Court, said the description is “misleading voters.” Instead, Campos will need to designate himself as “criminal justice administrator” in the weeks to come before the Assembly District 17 runoff election with Supervisor Matt Haney.

San Francisco Launches Daily Ferry Service to Treasure Island

Previously, the only public transit route between Treasure Island and the city was the 25 bus operated by the San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency, which drops riders off at the Salesforce Transit Center in SoMa. 

City Attorney Subpoenas Bank Records in Probe of Trash Company Recology’s Ties to SF Environmental Agency

The subpoena comes as the city attorney and controller’s office conduct a public integrity review into the Department of the Environment.

SF Board of Supes in 2 Mins: Recology Reform, Massage Businesses, Housing Incentives

SF supervisors appear set to place a measure to the June ballot aimed at reforming Recology’s monopoly on trash hauling in the city.

Twitterverse Explodes After SF Teachers’ Union Official Reposts Viewpoint Condemning the U.S. for Ukraine Invasion

What followed was a knock-down-drag-out political fight with State Sen. Scott Wiener, former Bloomberg columnist Noah Smith and investor Garry Tan among those who piled on with the tweets.

Perspective: Noise Pop Serves as Reminder That Live Music is Essential to SF

After many ups and downs, San Francisco venues caught a glimpse of the before times, in part thanks to the Noise Pop Festival.

California Calling Off Mask Rules for School Children—But SF Has No Plans To Follow Suit

San Francisco school officials say they plan to keep mask mandates in place until the end of the school year despite a change in state rules starting in mid-March.

Shooting of Tenderloin ‘Ambassador’ Raises Questions about Security Practices at Fast-Growing Urban Alchemy

The shooting of an Urban Alchemy employee last week has raised questions about whether the program is risking workers’ safety by having them provide security services.

Opening Doors: Repurposed SF Garages Give Creatives Space to Pursue Passions and Chase Dreams

Meet some of the San Franciscans pursuing passion projects, perfecting side hustles and building full-fledged businesses out of their auxiliary spaces.

View of Bayview: A Tour of Third Street’s Black-Owned Businesses

There’s evidence of a neighborhood turnaround as foot traffic picks back up and incoming tenants—around half of which are Black-owned—pump new lifeblood to the community.

15-Foot Mural Commemorates San Francisco’s First Black Firefighter

Mayor London Breed said Gage helped pave the way for future Black leaders in San Francisco.

It’s Finally Here: Real Driverless Cruise Cars Spotted Picking Up Passengers Around the City

The training wheels are finally coming off. In the past few weeks, San Francisco has become the first major U.S. city where autonomous vehicles have provided fully driverless rides to members of the public.

SF Mayor London Breed Calls School Board Appointments ‘Hardest Decision,’ Vetting Chinese American Candidates

Mayor London Breed said she has met with and is considering the appointment of at least one Chinese American for one of the vacant positions.

More than 800 Homes Remain Unfilled as Thousands of Unhoused Sit on Waitlist

SF Public Press’ Nuala Bishari spent 10 months uncovering why the city’s housing process is so slow.

Ukrainians Across Bay Area Rally at SF City Hall as War with Russia Sparks Fears for Family, Friends Back Home

Many held Ukrainian flags and signs saying, “Protect Ukraine,” “Biden help,” and “stop Russian aggression.” 

SF’s Largest Grocery Chain, Safeway, Expands Online Shopping Options for EBT Cardholders

Safeway has become the first grocery chain in San Francisco to allow shoppers to use CalFresh benefits for both online pickup and delivery orders.

This Weekend: Non-Binary Ballet, The War on Drugs, ‘Hump!’ and More

Plus, hair dolls for the dead, a tribute to cable cars, live jazz and an homage to Marvin Gaye.

The Standard Top 10: Which Companies Spent the Most to Lobby SF City Hall in 2021?

We looked at which companies spent the most money to lobby San Francisco City Hall in 2021, and how that shaped the city’s policy priorities.

Dragon’s Beard Candy Is Vanishing From Chinatown. This Confectioner Wants to Save It

Derek Tam says his family is one of just five across the U.S., and the last in the Bay Area, who can create the complex confection Dragon’s Beard Candy.

The SF School Board’s Long History as a Political Springboard

Will Matt Haney become the next Tom Ammiano? Here’s a look at the political successes—and failures—of other former San Francisco school board members.

Did Asian Voter Turnout Play a Decisive Role in the SF School Board Recall? Maybe Not

Unlike the common media narrative that Asian turnout was much higher than usual, a Standard analysis of voter turnout in three mostly Asian neighborhoods shows that their turnout patterns were more or less in line with the most recent prior election, the California gubernatorial recall.

Frustrated Students and Teachers Storm Chaotic Post-Recall School Board Meeting

Student protesters—hailing predominantly from Lowell—decried cuts to AP classes, clubs and other extracurricular activities.

CEQA Saga: UC Berkeley Housing Battle Puts Environmental Law in the Crosshairs Again

A look at why State Sen. Scott Wiener has two new bills that aim to waive some CEQA requirements.

16-Year-Old Girl Who Died in SF’s SoMa Was a Runaway From Central Valley

Victorria Moran-Hidalgo was identified as the girl authorities found in SoMA early Friday.

SF’s Annual Pride Parade to Return in June Under New Leadership

After a pandemic and huge revenue losses, it’s no surprise this year’s grand return is themed: ​​”Love Will Keep Us Together.”

Cold Snap Coming to San Francisco, Overnight Temps Could Hit Lowest Point in 6 Years

A local metorologist advises bringing pets and sensitive plants indoors for the next couple of nights, as lows will approach freezing.

National Debate Rages Over What the SF School Board Recall Was ‘Really About’

Seemingly every national outlet is chiming in with their own viewpoint on the significance of last week’s school board recall. The Standard breaks down the arguments about what the school board recall was “really about.”

16-Year-Old Girl Found Dead Near SF Civic Center Identified, Investigation Continues

Homicide detectives are investigating the death of a 16-year-old girl found near the Civic Center.

SF Boards Lead the State in Gender Diversity but a Legal Challenge Threatens Further Progress

A state law that requires California companies to have women on their boards is facing a legal challenge in Los Angeles, where a trial concluded Wednesday.

Photos: Lunar New Year Parade Fills the Streets of Chinatown With Joy and Hope

Tens of thousands of people descended on San Francisco Chinatown for the first Lunar New Year parade since the onset of the pandemic.

In 95 Miles, Runner Creates Stunning Image of Tiger Across SF Streets for Lunar New Year

All told, the design took the 61-year-old athlete four days to plan and 21 hours—split across four days—to run.

Breed and Business Leaders Want Workers Back, but Employees and Executives Have Differing Views

The mayor and the SFChamber of Commerce believe in-office work is essential to city’s economy. But concerns about Covid surges and employee preferences may hinder the effort to get workers back downtown.

Amazon Project Could Face Delay as Supervisor Walton Seeks Zoning Controls

Proposed interim zoning rules could give the city more time to negotiate with the delivery giant.

Muni Signs to Go Dark on Feb. 22 as Supply Chain Snags Prevent Critical System Upgrade

More than 750 transit-prediction signs citywide won’t be updated before AT&T pulls the plug on 3G.

DA Boudin Accuses Police of Using DNA from Sexual Assault Survivors to Probe Unrelated Crimes

Police Chief Bill Scott said the department’s practices are in line with national standards as his battle with Chesa Boudin continues.

School District’s Superintendent Search Delayed Until New Board Can Be Seated

‘Candidates want to know who they will be working with,’ said Gabriela López, the school board’s recently recalled president said.

SF Supes in 4 Mins: Mending Amendments, Extending Eviction Protections

Election Day didn’t stop SF supervisors from tackling City Charter amendments for June’s ballot and strengthening tenant protections.

Supporters of the school board recall gather at Manny's on Nov. 4, 2021. | Sophie Bearman
Feb. 15 Election Night Party Roundup

The Standard compiled a list of all the election night watch parties for the Feb. 15 special election. We’ll update this post as we hear about more parties.

Lunar New Year a State Holiday in California? Bay Area Legislator Evan Low Introduces Bill

On the eve of the biggest annual celebration in San Francisco’s Chinatown, state Assemblymember Evan Low (D-Silicon Valley) introduced legislation Friday to make Lunar New Year’s Day a state holiday in California.

A Brief History of the San Francisco Board of Education Recall

The road to the SF school board recall is littered with racially charged debates, ill-advised tweets and plenty of pandemic frustration.

SF Doctors Explain Risks, Psychology of Covid as California Nears Endemic Phase

The transition into a new phase of the pandemic means individual risk tolerance will now guide decision making.

Haney Leads, Campos a Strong Second in SF’s State Assembly Showdown

SF Supervisor Matt Haney and progressive David Campos were in a tight race Tuesday night in the special election to pick a new state Assemblymember for the eastern half of the city.

Report Commissioned by Sup. Preston Estimates Municipal Bike-Share Would Cost $33M to Start

The supervisor is an advocate for more municipal investment in bike-share. San Francisco’s current contract with Lyft costs the city nothing and will be up for renegotiation in 2027.

Electionpalooza: Why SF Voters May Go to the Polls 4 Times This Year

Still confused by the multitude of local elections this year? This is the TL;DR version of how we got here.

This Weekend: Noise Pop Approaches, Marquis Hill, Chinese New Year Parade and More

Also: Marquis Hill at Black Cat, the KAIYŌ Rooftop opens with Nikkei shared plates and a tour of the Cliff House and ruins of Sutro Baths.

Musical Chairs of SF Corruption Scandal Paves Way for Assessor-Recorder Joaquin Torres’ Election Victory

Joaquin Torres will sail to an election victory Tuesday and continue guarding San Francisco’s golden goose: the city’s tax revenues.

Moliga Steps Down From School Board One Day After Decisive Recall Vote

Though the commissioner likely had until March 1 to vacate his seat, Moliga said he wanted to make room for “a new board member to step in at this important moment.”

Education Spotlight Shifts to Breed as City Asserts More Control After the Ousting of 3 School Board Members in Recall

López, Moliga and Collins are out. The ball is now in the mayor’s court, and her next moves will be consequential.

SF School Board Recall Election Ads Target the Chinese-speaking Community

Spending reports filed with the city detail the pro-recall campaign’s emphasis on reaching Chinese audiences.