Kevin Truong

Kevin Truong is a staff writer with The San Francisco Standard with a focus on small business policy and the economic recovery. Prior to joining the publication he was a reporter and editor at the San Francisco Business Times where he covered commercial real estate, biotech and the innovation economy. His journalism has won recognition from the California News Publishers Association and the San Francisco Press Club. A proud graduate of UCLA , Kevin cut his teeth at the Daily Bruin student newspaper and news organizations like the Christian Science Monitor, NBC Los Angeles and Marketplace, before making his way north to The City by the Bay.

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A Bandwagon Jumper’s Starter Pack for the Golden State Warriors

The Dubs are charging like a runaway cable car. Get out of the way or pile on to ride this thing to the very end with the help of our guide.

What Budget Surplus? Rising Labor Costs Nearly Erase City’s Projected Gains

The $108 million two-year budget surplus projected back in January slips again to a mere $15 million, thanks in part to inflation.

Party’s Over: Tech Crash Spells Trouble for SF’s Tepid Economy

The end of the good times for tech stocks could mean lower valuations, layoffs and a weaker job market for local companies.

New State Law For Alcohol Servers Could Leave Many Non-English Speakers Out of Luck

An estimated one million workers would need to be certified under the law in the next three months. So far, only 2% of those workers have been.

As Booster Shots Lag, Community Groups Get Creative in Closing Vaccination Gaps 

Despite the city’s success in encouraging vaccination, stubborn disparities persist along racial lines in use of Covid booster shots.

Majority of San Franciscans Ready to Return to Pre-Pandemic Life, SF Standard Polling Finds

Covid cases have started to rise again locally, but many San Franciscans are ready for normal life to resume.

44% of San Francisco Voters Plan to Leave the City, SF Standard Poll Finds

Homelessness, cost of living issues and rising crime were the top reported issues leading voters to consider leaving the city.

Turning Downtown Offices Into Housing Isn’t the Solution You Think It Is

Thousands of floors of office space have been sitting empty for the last two years. But converting that space to housing is a project that very few are willing to take on.

Photos: How SF Promoter Bill Graham Built a Rock & Roll Empire and Changed the Music Industry in the Process

‘Into the Mystic’ takes on the life and times of the San Francisco legend, who worked behind and in front of the curtain to change the face of the music industry.

Where San Francisco Stacks Up Among California Counties in State Covid Metrics

San Francisco ranks at the top of the state among counties with the highest average daily Covid infections.