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Tailor accused of filming women with dressing room spy-cam

Dressing rooms. | Carlos Lujan/Europa Press via Getty Images

A San Francisco tailor was arrested for filming coworkers with a camera disguised as a clock in the dressing room of a clothing cleaner where they all worked.

Andrew Hong, 31, was booked Saturday night on suspicion of invasion of privacy. But the months-long investigation continues as San Francisco Police Department’s Special Victims Unit asks others to come forward with information about the case. 

The probe kicked off on Nov. 15 when a woman came to the Northern Station to report a hidden camera at a Divisadero Street clothing cleaner, officials said in a news release Wednesday. 

She told officers she found it in the dressing room and that it appeared to be the kind of camera used for home surveillance, police said. Reading online reviews from other female customers about a male employee’s harassment only heightened her suspicion, police said. 

SFPD’s Special Victims Unit took the case and found out that five other women had already filed police reports with similar allegations about a male colleague putting a clock in the dressing room and constantly adjusting the timepiece during fittings. They all shared concerns about being recorded whenever their coworker asked them to undress for clothing alterations, according to SFPD.

After searching Hong’s house and business over the weekend, police booked Hong on six misdemeanor counts. 

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