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The $6.5 million ‘Full House’ home is for sale: See inside

A fancy house is seen in a photo.
After being featured in the hit ’90s sitcom, the Pacific Heights home at 1709 Broderick St. has been a popular tourist attraction for decades. | Source: Tâm Vũ/The Standard

If you ever wanted to live in the opening credits of “Full House”—and you have $6.5 million— San Francisco’s ritzy Pacific Heights neighborhood has the house for you.

The iconic Victorian home featured in the ’90s sitcom and more recent Netflix spinoff “Fuller House” at 1709 Broderick St. is currently for sale. The Tanner family’s residence was listed on June 6 for $6.5 million, roughly $1 million more than what it sold for in 2020. The asking price is similar to other listings in the neighborhood and not inflated by “Full House” nostalgia, listing agent Rachel Swann said.

“It’s not like we’ve added this big chunk of change to the price because it’s the ‘Full House’ house,” Swann told The Standard during an exclusive tour inside the home. “It’s just the neighborhood. It’s Pac Heights.”

Click and drag in the video above to explore the house from "Full House” in 360 degrees.

But the four-bedroom, four-and-a-half bath home’s value is found in more than just its Italian marble countertops and Ralph Lauren light fixtures. 

In the back of its English garden backyard are 15 signed concrete slabs with handprints of much of the ‘Full House’ cast, including the late comedian Bob Saget, who played the family patriarch Danny Tanner. The hand-printed slabs are from a December 2016 promotional event for season 2 of “Fuller House” that cast members attended.

Swann didn’t know how much the autographed slabs were worth but said they could be included with the home at an additional cost.

“I do not have an estimate, but whatever the market bears for a fan or buyer to pay,” Swann said. “That would all be decided by the value of the item to the buyer. They are negotiable.” 

Concrete slabs with handprints and names etched in them rest against a wooden fence, surrounded by foliage. One slab is dated 12-2-2016.
Concrete squares with the signatures and handprints of the cast members of "Full House" and "Fuller House" sit in the backyard. | Source: Tâm Vũ/The Standard
A lush garden features neatly trimmed hedges, colorful flowers, two white cushioned seats, and a central round table. Ornamental plants and stone pillars enhance the scene.
Brick steps lead to the turf lawn in the home's backyard, styled as an English garden. | Source: Tâm Vũ/The Standard

“Full House,” which aired from 1987 to 1995, filmed the home’s exterior in its opening credits, but the rest of the show was filmed at the Warner Bros. Studios in Los Angeles. The show’s producer, Jeff Franklin, bought the Broderick Street home in 2016 for $4 million and later sold it in 2020 for $5.35 million.

Franklin had planned to turn the house into a replica of the TV set that tourists could visit, but after neighbor pushback, he instead renovated it into a modern home, according to Business Insider.

The Standard saw nine people take pictures in front of the house during a visit on Monday. One fan visiting from Los Angeles, Leslie Alvarez, 38, said she remembers watching the show as a seven-year-old in the early 1990s.

“It’s nostalgia for me,” she said, looking at the home’s facade. “I remember watching it with my brother.”

The three-story house of sitcom fame was built between the 1980s and 1990 according to Swann, and is 3,737 square feet. Walking through its two dark gray doors—which were bright red in the show—you step into the living room with a grand fireplace made of white Da Vinci marble.

A room of a fancy house is seen in a photo.
The main living room is adorned by a lighting fixture and furniture. | Source: Tâm Vũ/The Standard
The image shows a modern kitchen with a large white marble island, four tan leather barstools, navy cabinets, stainless steel appliances, and hanging glass pendant lights.
Natural light from the roof floods into the modernized kitchen, which boasts Italian marble counters and an eight-burner gas stove. | Source: Tâm Vũ/The Standard

The kitchen has a Calacatta Oro marble island and countertops, a wine fridge, a massive wine rack and Viking appliances, including an eight-burner gas stove.

The top-floor primary suite’s bedroom is decked out with a fireplace and a bathroom with Waterworks shower head and sink and other fixtures from Restoration Hardware. The home was designed by luxury interior design company Vesta. The bottom level has an entertainment room and a home gym and provides access to the backyard, styled as an English garden.

The home also underwent “millions” of dollars of remodeling work from 2016-2017, spearheaded by famed architect Richard Landry, which involved pouring a new foundation

This cozy living room features a white sectional sofa, a wooden coffee table, modern art, a black-and-white photo, built-in shelves with decor, and soft, neutral tones.
The entertainment room on the bottom level of the house has a large sectional couch and a nearby wet bar. | Source: Tâm Vũ/The Standard
The image shows a small bathroom with a vanity, round mirror, wall sconce, and modern decor, including a vase with greenery, visible through a white door.
A powder room is built under the staircase leading upstairs from the living room. | Source: Tâm Vũ/The Standard

“It’s basically newly built,” Swann said.

The home doesn’t come fully furnished, but Swann said that it can be, likely for around $150,000 extra.

But for some, the “Full House” nostalgia isn’t worth the asking price.

“That’s too much,” Alvarez said of the $6.5 million listing price. “Maybe four or five million.”

The image shows a stylish bathroom with white marble countertops and walls, dual sinks, decorative mirrors above, a white vase with green leaves, and a bathtub with a shower.
A bathroom sits adjacent to an additional bedroom in the Pacific Heights home. | Source: Tâm Vũ/The Standard
The image shows a well-lit, modern interior with a staircase, a glass door to the outside, abstract wall art, and a dining area with woven back chairs.
A staircase leads from the kitchen to the lower level of the "Full House" house. | Source: Tâm Vũ/The Standard
A cozy living room features a floral armchair, a cushioned sofa, and a wooden stool. Sliding doors open to a dining area with a modern table, chairs, and a bright window view.
The lower level of the home at 1709 Broderick has an entertainment room and backyard access. | Source: Tâm Vũ/The Standard
A compact home bar with a marble countertop, a small sink, and dark lower cabinets. Shelves above hold glasses, a bottle of Hennessy, a gin bottle, and lemons.
A wet bar with a wine fridge sits on the lower level of the house. | Source: Tâm Vũ/The Standard
A cozy, stylish room features a small wooden table with children's chairs, a dresser with a lamp, a cushioned chair with a throw, a bookshelf, and walls decorated with bird murals.
One bedroom on the home's upper level is set up as a child's room and has a mural of birds painted on the walls. | Source: Tâm Vũ/The Standard
The image shows a neatly made bed with a white headboard, grey pillows, a round throw pillow, and a grey-knit blanket. Two side tables with lamps and decorative items are beside the bed.
A bedroom is illuminated by natural light. | Source: Tâm Vũ/The Standard
A cozy room with two beige chairs facing a black fireplace, above which hangs a large round mirror. Shelves with decor items, books, and lamps occupy both sides.
The primary bedroom contains an additional room that comes with a fireplace. | Source: Tâm Vũ/The Standard

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