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This weekend: Despite numerous cancellations, the party goes on

We’re seven days into 2022, and it’s clear that the coronavirus, unlike the Grinch, has not had a change of heart. A number of events we planned to tell you about—a show at Brick & Mortar Music Hall and another at The Chapel—were either rescheduled or postponed. And, in a major blow to San Francisco’s comedy scene, the in-person return of Sketchfest was scrapped at the last minute.

But the best thing about living in San Francisco is that there’s always something to do—even when new variants are conspiring to keep us cooped up. This week, we’ve got a few outdoors events for the Covid conscious and a few indoor events for those who are ready to get back to living a little.

Lady Camden on ‘Drag Race’

Friday, Jan 7 @ VH1

San Francisco is a gay mecca with a renowned drag scene. Why then, pray tell, has Rupaul’s Drag Race failed to feature more than two of our city’s talented queens? Beats us, but we’re glad to see that the wildly popular program’s 14th season has invited a third Bay Area diva to sissy that walk. Lady Camden, a former Smuin Ballet dancer and choreographer, makes her debut on the runway this week. Previously, Honey Mahogany (now the chair of the SFDCCC) and Rock M. Sakura were both sent home early in seasons 12 and 5 respectively. We wish Lady Camden the best of luck and leave her with these sage words of wisdom: Don’t fuck it up!

Instant Pot Tour 

374 18th St.
Friday, Jan. 7 @ 18 Reasons

The Mission District nonprofit cooking school 18 Reasons wants you to cook more delicious meals at home. But considering that a $300K salary is the price of entry to San Francisco’s middle class these days, it's understandable if you don’t have access to a kitchen worth showing off on MTV’s Cribs. Enter the Instapot—a compact brand-name pressure cooker that can help you whip up something nutritious and tasty fast. Attendees will walk away with a recipe for glazed St. Louis style pork ribs with pineapple habanero sauce. As of this posting, their website says three slots are still available.

Treat yo'self. | Courtesy photo.

Aziz Ansari

1111 California St.
Friday, Jan. 7 @ The Masonic Auditorium

Although some are surely planning to lay low until this whole Omicron thing blows over, Parks and Recreation star and standup comic Aziz Ansari is telling his fans to treat themselves with his “Last Minute Tour,” which stops at the Masonic Auditorium on Friday.

Chinese Lion Dance

Saturday, Jan. 8 @ Various Neighborhoods

In celebration of the dawn of 2022, The Jing Mo Athletic Association is sending its talented dancers and martial artists to neighborhoods all over San Francisco this Saturday. Catch colorful displays of traditional drumming and dancing dragons in West Portal, Presidio, Marina, North Beach, Parkside, the Sunset and Page Street. 

Beers for the Bayview

500 Hunter’s Point Expressway
Saturday, Jan. 8 @ Candlestick State Park

Helping your friends move has never really been about the pizza and beer. It’s just the right thing to do. Still, it’s always nice when it comes with a cold one and a tasty meal at the end. Local brewpub Seven Stills understands this as well as anyone. The brewery is offering a boxed lunch and a brew for up to 50 volunteers who come down to help clean up Candlestick State Park this Saturday. This is the first Beers for the Bayview event in 18 months. Be sure to sign up in advance and dress appropriately for two hours of light trash collection work. 

Bowie & Elvis Birthday Bash

2639 Taraval St.
Saturday, Jan. 8 @ Riptide

Did you know that the Thin White Duke and the King of Rock share a birthday? Both David Bowie and Elvis Presley were born on Jan. 8. Two local DJs—Shindog of New Wave City and Spig of CostumeParty—have been marking the occasion for two decades now. This year’s party is hosted by Outer Sunset bar Riptide.

Shake Body

673 Geary Street
Saturday, Jan. 8 @ Wonder Lounge

Wonder Lounge opened in August of 2021—around the time the Delta variant was peaking in the United States. Rough timing… But this Tenderloin nightlife outpost has persevered, hosting a monthly dance night called Shake Body. The party is organized by United Tribes of Africa, a Bay Area event promotion crew focused on bringing Afrobeats, dancehall, hip-hop and Amapiano to local bars and clubs.