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There are hella things to do on 415 day—here are six for starters

Here’s how to represent San Francisco on 415 Day | Stephen Lam via Getty Images

When it was first introduced in 1947, the 415 area code was one of only three in the entire state of California. It stretched east from San Francisco into what is now the 916 and south into the region now covered by the 408. In the 1980s, it was still used throughout the Peninsula, extending all the way to Mountain View, home of the Googleplex. In 1997, the 415 and San Francisco decided to make it exclusive—with the occasional portion of Marin County on the side, of course.

In the 25 years since, 415ers have used the area code to represent their San Franciscan pride.

Rooted in their love for the City by the Bay, the Solidarity Forever Collective (SFC) independently launched 415 Day in 2016. The group announced that “The real #415Day happens on 4/15 and is a celebration of our resilience and resistance to being violently erased from our city.” 

Informal gatherings at 4:15 p.m. in places like Dolores Park embody their community and visibility. Since then, April 15 has been a yearly opportunity for locals and natives to unify, have fun and show love to one another.

In honor of those people and that history, here’s a list of events, organizations, businesses and communities that truly represent what the 415 is all about in 2022.

Rocky Rivera and DJ Roza | Courtesy KQED

Rocky Rivera and DJ Roza

KQED, 2601 Mariposa St.
Friday, April 15 at 7:00 p.m. | $20 in person

San Francisco-native, Filipina rapper and author Rocky Rivera, along with DJ Roza, will speak with journalist Pendarvis Harshaw inside KQED’s new event space. The conversation is a live recording session for Rightnowish, a podcast that explores Bay Area arts and culture and will be accessible online.

415 Public Gallery

5137 Mission St.
Friday, April 15 at 4:15 p.m. | Free

The Youth Art Exchange will be showcasing a crowd-sourced art exhibit at 415 Public Gallery, with a special happy hour reception on 4/15. The show features anyone who lives, works, was born or raised in the 415. The Youth Art Exchange is a year-round program that serves San Francisco youth in their mission to promote arts and civic engagement.

SF Chickenbox

SF Chickenbox 

464 Broadway 

Nef the Pharaoh may technically be repping the 707, but “gettin’ chicken” is something just about anyone can vibe with. SFC is a homestyle fried chicken joint that serves fresh foods using Halal chicken and canola oil. They also feature dope gear with odes to San Francisco, such as this classic black-and-orange theme tee resembling Giants swag. Show this locally-owned independent eatery some love on the four one five.

Solidarity Records

Online | Prices vary

Solidarity Records is your one-stop online shop for indie underground Frisco slaps from iconic 415 lyricists like Equipto. Known as “The People’s Label since 1999,” they live up to their title by constantly releasing new music from city rappers and producers. In 2021, they dropped a special-edition project, The City, on 4/15. Support some real ones.

Medicine for Nightmares

3036 24th St.
Friday, April 15 at 6:30 p.m. | Free

This new Latinx-owned bookshop hosts community events in the Mission. With a rotating lineup of visual artists, poets, activists and longtime San Francisco residents, Medicine for Nightmares is a gathering ground for healing through literary arts. Tap in on 4/15 to hear David Boyce and Friends performing jazz sonic fusion—with local poetry to go with it.

Empire Records & District Six

District Six, 428 11th St.
Friday, April 15 at 2 p.m.| $15

Featuring a 30th-anniversary tribute performance by San Francisco’s legendary RBL Posse, this massive outdoor party brings together a gang of 415 businesses and brands, including: For The City, KMEL’s Big Von, low riders, Larry June’s Honeybear Boba, Berner’s Cookies and more. The event will take place at District Six, a new food and events venue, and is sponsored by Empire Records, which is cultivating some of the best musicians from Frisco and beyond. In addition, Empire will be giving away classic San Francisco vinyl at the event.