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Mahogany leads in fundraising as money pours into two key supervisors races

From left: San Francisco District 6 Supervisor candidate Honey Mahogany, District 4 candidate Joel Engardio, District 4 incumbent Gordon Mar and District 6 incumbent Matt Dorsey. | The Standard; Courtesy Victorio Li

District 6 hopeful Honey Mahogany should be pretty pleased with her position in the upcoming November election.

The District 6 challenger is leading in money raised among those in the running for a seat on the San Francisco Board of Supervisors in November, based on the most recent data received by the Ethics Commission in compliance with a local ordinance in races where one or more candidates has qualified for public financing. 

Mahogany—a former aide to former Supervisor and current Assemblymember Matt Haney—has raised $400,737 to date in her race to represent the South of Market, Mission Bay and neighboring areas, and has spent $162,272 so far. Mahogany’s opponent, appointed incumbent Supervisor Matt Dorsey, has raised $328,540 so far, with $147,512.56 spent.

District 6 is one of two hotly contested races on the board this November. The other, the race to represent District 4, is likewise attracting big bucks as challenger Joel Engardio looks to knock out incumbent Supervisor Gordon Mar. 

According to local filings, Mar is the biggest spender so far, having spent $175,730 of the $260,684 he’s raised. Engardio, a public safety advocate gunning to represent the Sunset and surrounding neighborhoods, has raised more cash at $371,589 but has spent a mere $78,444. 

In District 8, incumbent Rafael Mandelman is also a top spender, having shelled out $158,105 of the $276,947 he’s raised—despite being challenged by relative political newcomer, attorney Kate Stoia. Stoia has raised $22,185 and spent $10,932.

In addition to the money raised directly by political candidates, Independent Expenditure Committees can raise and spend unlimited amounts of money to influence elections—and are likely to influence board races this year, as well. 

So far, according to the SF Ethics dashboard, there haven’t been any independent expenditures in the supervisor races. But at least one group, the moderate-leaning political organization Grow SF, has indicated it will spend money to support Engardio in District 4 and Dorsey in District 6.

Correction: The photo caption has been updated to reflect that the supervisor candidates are from both District 4 and District 6.