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Sheng Thao will be Oakland’s next mayor, final tally of ranked-choice votes reveals

Oakland Mayor-Elect Sheng Thao
Oakland Mayor-Elect Sheng Thao

Sheng Thao will be the next mayor of Oakland, according to a final ballot count Monday night.

“It’s been a long journey, and I’m incredibly honored by the trust the voters have placed in me,” said Thao in the statement.

Thao was elected through ranked-choice voting in a close race, eventually winning by 682 votes. Thao secured 50.3% of the votes to Loren Taylor’s 49.7 percent.

Both Thao and Taylor are members of the City Council, with Thao serving as the Council President Pro Tem.

She congratulated Taylor on the “strong” campaign he ran against her. “Councilmember Taylor and his family have been making a difference for this city for generations and we owe him a real debt of gratitude,” said Thao.

Thao said that being elected mayor was humbling, adding that 15 years ago she was living in her car with her baby.

“I’ve been through a lot to get to this moment, and have had so many people lift me up in order to get here,” she said.

The mayor-elect outlined her goals, which include a comprehensive public safety plan that will “double down” on violence prevention programs. She also pledged to make Oakland the most proactive city in the state on housing and homelessness. Thao also plans to bring the Green New Deal to Oakland and support small businesses.

“I’ve never felt more hopeful about Oakland’s future,” she said, “or more determined to lead the fight for it. I’m excited to get to work building a safer, more affordable, more just Oakland we know is possible in the months and years ahead.”