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Pizza and weed: North Beach trio teams up on high-minded promotion

North Beach artist Jeremy Fish designed this colorful pizza box for a promotional campaign between cannabis dispensary North Beach Pipeline and SF pizza master Tony Gemignani’s restaurants. | Courtesy Jeremy Fish

Pizza and pot—could it be the perfect pairing? The folks from the North Beach Pipeline cannabis dispensary and local pizza don, Tony Gemignani, seem convinced. Their new promotional collaboration with acclaimed North Beach artist Jeremy Fish rewards customers who enjoy a hot pie after a few puffs.

Starting this week, anyone who buys a “Tony’s Pizza Joint” from Pipeline can present proof of their purchase at Tony’s Pizza Napoletana or Tony’s Coal Fired Pizza and Slice House for $5 off a “Tony’s Up in Smoke Pipeline Pizza,” which comes packaged in a colorful pizza box designed by Fish.

SF pizza master and champion Tony Gemignani collaborated with North Beach artist Jeremy Fish to design a pizza box celebrating 1970s stoner culture as part of a new promotional campaign between his restaurants and local cannabis dispensary North Beach Pipeline. | Courtesy Jeremy Fish | Source: Courtesy Jeremy Fish

The box, which is designed to double as a selfie prop—helping customers take on the likeness of a very well-known stoner hero from the 1970s and ’80s—also features a walking map of North Beach.

You can also take the “Up in Smoke” pizza box to North Beach Pipeline for $5 off the Pizza Joint pre-roll—you know, if you spaced out on bringing the doobie package to Tony’s for some inexplicable reason.

A new collaboration is underway between North Beach artist Jeremy Fish (right), cannabis dispensary North Beach Pipeline and SF pizza master Tony Gemignani (left) to promote pizza and pot in San Francisco's North Beach neighborhood. | Courtesy Jeremy Fish

For the foodies, who are surely wondering what comes on the pie, it is a 12-inch California-style wood-fired pizza with smoked mozzarella, millionaire’s bacon, pizzuti tomato, basil, volcano spice and chef Chris Cosentino’s signature umami spice on a multigrain crust made with Caputo flour. For the cannaseurs with questions, the pre-roll is a Mother’s Milk flower base infused with high-quality kief—so it is sure to pack a punch.

Fish, who lives in North Beach and is an avid booster of his neighborhood, said the collaboration is all about encouraging local pride and bringing business to mom-and-pop shops.

Tony’s Pizza Napoletana 

📍1570 Stockton St. 
☎️ (415) 835-9888

Tony’s Coal Fired Pizza and Slice House

📍1556 Stockton St.  
☎️ (415) 835-9888

North Beach Pipeline 

📍1335 Grant Ave.