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A by-the-numbers look at San Francisco’s toughest challenges in 2022

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The Standard’s team of reporters and data journalists has spent recent weeks analyzing indicators to assess how well San Francisco did in 2022 as it worked to climb out of lockdown and into the post-pandemic era. 

The result? A mixed report card highlighting the serious challenges the city faces as it looks toward 2023. Get a more in-depth analysis of key topics in the articles below.

City Economy: San Francisco Set for Hard Times as Huge $728M Budget Hole Could Get Worse

City Services: San Francisco’s Ambulance Wait Times and More Grades for City Services 

Climate: What Will California’s Mild Fire Season Mean for 2023?

Crime: Did Crime Go Up in San Francisco This Year?

Housing: The Bay Area Housing Recession Is Already Here

Inflation: Gas Prices Dive to Lowest Levels of the Year—Some Gallons Even Below $4

Layoffs: 24,000 and Counting: What’s Behind San Francisco’s Surge in Layoffs?

Public Health: The ‘Tripledemic’ Is Here—But Which Virus is the Worst in NorCal?

Real Estate: San Francisco Home Prices Could Fall Further Than Any U.S. Metro in 2023

Stocks: San Francisco Companies Had a Brutal Year. One Stock Chart Shows the Damage

Street Cleanliness: Were San Francisco’s Streets Dirtier in 2022?

Tourism: China’s ‘Zero Covid’ Overhaul Is Good News for San Francisco Tourism 

Venture Capital: San Francisco’s Top 30 Venture Capital Deals and Investors for 2022