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Blue Scion enrages SF workers by ending Dry January in wet cement

Driver plows car into wet cement near Glen Park. | Courtesy image

It's Dry January, and you're stuck with it for several more days, but at least you're not this driver—whose compact car got lodged in freshly poured cement near Glen Park.

The car's concrete shoes dismayed construction workers, who were said to be furious, according to one eye witness.

The blue Scion hit the wet patch of newly laid road surface at around 1 p.m. Tuesday. The driver allegedly ignored cones and drove ahead into the cement near Elk and Sussex streets, a bystander who asked not to be named told The Standard.

"I heard workers yelling like, 'What the f—?'" the person said. "And then the guy tried to reverse—stuck. He tried to go forward—stuck. Finally, the workers told him to get out and hooked a chain to the back. The worst part is the cement truck had just left."

This isn't the first time San Francisco drivers have gotten into sticky situations.

The "most embarrassing day of this guy's life" occurred about 10 years ago when a Porsche in San Francisco drove over wet cement. Three years ago, a Mercedes left tire tracks in a patch of freshly paved road.

"The contractor posted detour signs and set up delineated traffic control," said a spokesperson for San Francisco's Department of Public Works. "The [SF Municipal Transportation Agency] approved traffic control plan. Unfortunately, the motorist drove through the cones before realizing the mistake. There were no injuries, and the car was not damaged. The fresh paving needed to be smoothed over."

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