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Roller suitcase takes off on SFO runway amid heavy winds

A photograph of a Twitter video posted by user @declanweir depicting a roller bag on the loose on SFO's tarmac. | Sophie Bearman/The Standard | Source: Sophie Bearman/The Standard

Tuesday's atmospheric river is no joke, and travelers at San Francisco International Airport (SFO) are experiencing major delays due to heavy winds.

Aboard a grounded plane, one passenger and Twitter user filmed a roller suitcase escaping solo down the tarmac.

"It's so windy at SFO today, nobody wants to take off, except this bag..." the user wrote.

The video quickly amassed tens of thousands of views.

For about 30 minutes on Tuesday afternoon, planes at SFO were grounded due to heavy winds. Though the ground stop has since ended, SFO remains on a ground delay program, according to the airport.

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We hope passengers are able to get to their intended destinations as quickly as that suitcase, which finished its escape journey when it hit a patch of grass or dirt and tumbled onto its side.

The Standard reached out the Twitter user for comment but have not heard back at time of publication.

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