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Watch: Video appears to show couch flying through skies of SF

A screenshot of a TikTok clip appears to show a couch flying through the skies of San Francisco. | TikTok/@brandonau01

Did strong winds cause a couch to fly through the skies of San Francisco and nearly hit a pedestrian on the street far below? That's what a video posted to TikTok by user brandonau01 appears to show.

@brandonau01 Couches flying in the sky. Welxome to San Francisco! #sanfranciscoweather #flyingcouch #windycity #sanfranciscowind #bayareawind #bayareaweather #atmosphericriver ♬ Wind Sound - White Noise Collectors

The Standard has reached out to the TikTok user for comment and to attempt to verify the video's veracity.

In the clip, the flying couch lands uncomfortably close to a pedestrian walking on the street.

The TikTok clip appears to show the couch landing next to a pedestrian walking on the street below the high-rise. | TikTok/@brandonau01

Extremely strong winds and heavy rains swept through the Bay Area yesterday, wreaking havoc on San Francisco's streets, contributing to an incident on the Bay Bridge where a big rig truck flipped on its side and sent barges careening into Third Street Bridge near Oracle Park.

KRON reported that the video was filmed by a TikTok user named Brandon Au at Main and Folsom streets in San Francisco.

The clip purports to show where the couch landed. | TikTok / @brandonau01

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