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San Francisco man accused of beheading father-in-law in Indonesia, reports say

A composite image of file photo of police tape in Indonesia with an inset mugshot of Arthur Leigh Welohr, originally from San Francisco, who was arrested in Indonesia. | Source: Bay Ismoyo/Getty Images

A San Francisco man with an alleged history of violence was arrested Sunday in Indonesia and accused of beheading his father-in-law, according to multiple media reports citing local authorities.

Arthur Leigh Welohr, 34, is accused of killing his father-in-law, Agus Sopiyan, 58, Banjar City, West Java, in a dispute over a business they ran together, the Daily Mail reported Monday. Welohr reportedly slit the victim’s throat, leaving his head hanging from his shoulders.

Video posted by the British tabloid reportedly showed Welohr being restrained and led away from the crime scene, including by a man in uniform.

Banjar Police confirmed the arrest, according to the Daily Mail.

Nearly a decade earlier, Welohr was reportedly arrested in a sword attack in San Francisco.

The attack happened in the Silver Terrace neighborhood in August 2015, when Welohr allegedly pulled out the blade during an argument and swiped at a man and a woman, the San Francisco Examiner reported at the time.

Welohr was accused of attempted murder, but it’s unclear what became of the case against him. The San Francisco District Attorney’s Office was not immediately able to confirm the facts of the case or how it ended. 

Welohr studied horticulture and business at City College of San Francisco of San Francisco from 2008 to 2010 and later worked at a nursery school, according to a LinkedIn profile under his name. 

The profile said Welohr sold books, CDs and other oddities online and that his long-term goal was to run a blueberry farm.

In December 2021, Welohr’s father posted on social media that his son had moved to Java, gotten married and was starting a small farm. He posted photos of Welohr catching a fish in one image, and posing with his bride in another.

Last July, Welohr’s father congratulated his son on having a daughter.

Welohr’s parents did not respond to requests for comment.

Attempts to reach local police in Indonesia were unsuccessful.

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