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Here’s how many Bay Area workers were laid off by streaming giant

Roku, the Bay Area streaming hardware maker, announced its third layoff within a span of a year in September. | Source: AP

Roku, the Bay Area streaming hardware maker, decimated its staff last month with the third round of layoffs at the company within a span of a year.

Now we know just how many of those laid-off workers were working out of the Bay Area.

According to a Sept. 21 WARN notice—a corporate document enumerating layoffs to the California Employment Development Department—136 Roku workers in the Bay Area will be laid off within the month. Their last day is expected to be Nov. 20, according to the notice.

With this layoff round, just over 3,200 workers remain at Roku. The company employed 3,600 people at the end of 2022, Securities and Exchange Commission filings from the time show. The layoff round—or restructuring, in corporate parlance—cost Roku an estimated $45 to $65 million in severance and associated charges.  

Shortly after the layoffs were announced, company shares rose to $86. As of Friday morning, the stock sits at just over $56 a share. 

A Roku spokesperson confirmed that the workers listed in the document were part of the September layoff round. 

Earlier this month, Qualcomm—another tech company with a substantial Silicon Valley presence—announced that it would be laying off 1,258 California workers, including almost 200 in its San Jose offices.