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San Francisco Police Chase White Mercedes ‘G-Wagon’ Through City Streets

Written by Joel UmanzorUpdated at Nov. 07, 2023 • 4:36pmPublished Nov. 07, 2023 • 2:58pm
police cars next a white luxury SUV
San Francisco police vehicles chased a white Mercedes “G-Wagon” to Folsom and 16th streets on Tuesday afternoon. | Source: George Kelly/The Standard

San Francisco police chased a suspect driving a white Mercedes "G-Wagon" through city streets on Tuesday, according to police.

A video posted to the Citizen app showed the luxury G-Class SUV speeding past Muni trains as police vehicles followed at speed. The vehicles are often called "G-Wagons," and new models sell for well over $100,000.

Several police vehicles, including an unmarked police vehicle displaying blue flashing lights, stormed after the suspect down Division Street at around 2:30 p.m.

At around 3:15 p.m., The Standard witnessed a heavy police presence at 16th and Folsom streets, where the white Mercedes had been stopped. One of the vehicle's doors was open, and some of the vehicle's tires appeared to be deflated.

Police said the suspect, a man, was transported to a hospital with minor injuries following a scuffle after he refused to comply with officers following the chase. Officers were also injured but were not taken to a hospital.

a white vehicle is surrounded by police
A white Mercedes "G-Wagon" is stopped at 16th and Folsom streets after a police chase in San Francisco. | Source: Joel Umanzor/The Standard
white SUV
Tires are deflated on the white Mercedes "G-Wagon" stopped at Folsom and 16th streets on Tuesday afternoon. | Source: George Kelly/The Standard

“Dozens of police cars converged on the area,” witness Miguel Santiago said while standing at 16th and Folsom streets. “There were more police cars than I’ve ever seen before in my life.”

Santiago said he was standing a block from Folsom Street when police cordoned off the street and were dealing with the suspect on Enterprise Street, which is essentially an alleyway off Folsom with a dead end.

A nearby worker who did not want to be named due to safety concerns said the Mercedes' tires were already flat when it turned onto Folsom Street.

an alleyway
A Google Street View of Enterprise Street shows where the suspect was apprehended, according to San Francisco police, after a chase on Tuesday. | Source: Google
a screenshot of google maps shows a route across san francisco
A Google Map shows where the police chase of the white Mercedes SUV began and ended in San Francisco on Tuesday. | Source: Google Maps

Police said the pursuit began at 2:09 p.m. in the area of Richardson Avenue and Francisco Street near the Marina District and ended at Enterprise Street in the Mission District when the suspect was apprehended.

Buses are being rerouted around the 16th and Folsom streets area, according to the San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency.

This is a developing story.

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